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+Steve Rayson 5 Steps to Track Competitor Content Marketing – Case Study

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SEO Myth of the Day: Links Are Becoming Less Important

Most people who follow SEO are aware that Google has been working hard to diversify the signal input it uses to determine rankings. This has led to a myth that either links are already greatly devalued by Google or they soon will be.

In his "7 Modern Age SEO Myths" article, +Eric Enge dispels that myth and others. Read it at >>

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Or see Pins for the whole series at

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It Was a Hot July for Google Search Results

+Pete Meyers of +Moz chronicles one of the most volatile months in a long time when it comes to changes in how Google shows search results. He notes that from 28 June to 28 July:

1. Authorship photos disappeared (except for some cases in personalized search.

2. Queries showing In-Depth Articles boxes increased.

3. Video rich snippets decreased.

4. Fewer local searches show 7-Pack results (although some queries gained or regained them).

Read his post for his details, insights, and speculations on each of these changes.

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Google updated their Rich Snippets – Organizations page:
letting webmasters know that they now support any of the sub-types markup such as
The new line which was added:
“In addition to the type, Google supports any of its sub-types, such as

Looking forward to see how thes pages will showen in Google SERP

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Need Your Help Testing Google+'s Impact on Search

It's been a long time since a test was run to see if Google+ activity could impact search. <----- Would love your help with this URL

UPDATE: Despite a tremendous amount of G+ activity, the target URL only moved up 3 positions, then fell back down and is currently sitting at #24 (as of 12:55am Pacific).

It's a random page I found while searching after hearing about the #Tardigrade on Cosmos. Currently, the page ranks #26 in Google US non-personalized results.

Help needed:
1) Please don't link to this page from anywhere except Google+
2) Please do click the link from Google+ and take a gander.
3) Please do share the link itself in your own Google+ account, and +1 others' shares of the link. Feel free to use photos, too :-)
4) Please don't share the post link directly on other social networks

Thanks so much!

p.s. I'm aware G folks might see this and take manual action, but I'm hoping that won't be the case.

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Vladimir Putin after Crimean parliament voted to ask Russia for re-unification. Wait for it :)
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