What a lovely seasonal menu this week, with roasted tomatoes as a real treat

A trip to Macken Brothers and @andreasveg yesterday morning to see what they had, and I bagged some goodies that we will be cooking this week. This week's menu is built around:

Roasted San Marzano Tomatoes
- get the best fresh plum tomatoes you can

Purple Cape Cauliflower
- any good & fresh cauli will do

Duck eggs
- a good free range like Clarence Court Burford Brown's are a fine substitute

Merguez sausages
- replace with a chipolta or a chilli sausage

So, this weeks's recipes are:

Spanish seafood stew
Purple Cape Cauliflower with cheddar cheese sauce & spinach fusilli
Meguez sausages, roasted tomatoes, couscous and a green salad
Duck egg on fried bread with roasted tomatoes and merguez sausages

There's one get-ahead part to this menu - roasting your tomatoes. It takes 3 hours and so you need to get on to it the minute you get in from work. Do it on Monday or Tuesday, because we will be eating them on Wednesday. The recipe to follow is at the link below.

I look forward to your feedback!
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