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Meme from reddit regarding the upcoming monster hunter movie

MHXX continues MHX's legacy of adding long overdue changes, you can now disarm traps that you've laid. No word yet on whether you get them back though.
EDIT confirmed you can only destroy the trap, at least in the press demo. Personally I think that's fair, considering before you just had to wait for it to auto-destroy.

(yo there's no MHXX hype category. I know the categories aren't immediately useful, but when it comes to finding an old post, they're invaluable)

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Some people thought Capcom wouldn't do a G-rank version of Monster Hunter X, but I guess they've been... DOUBLE CROSSED!

Things we know:
- 2 new hunter styles. Blade style puts a spirit gauge on everything for some reason. The other is a mystery, but shows a silhouette of a hunter holding a bomb over their heads
- Barroth and Barioth are back!
- Diablos Deviant, the leader of the deviants for some reason? Its also a flagship
- Prowlers are getting an upgrade, with aerial and adept style moves
- the new hub is an airship
- a demo will be available in tokyo on the 26th and 27th of november.
- same producer as MHX

pictures of diablos deviant and the 6th flagship

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Ok so this joke has been done to death already, but never this well

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I havent been paying attention to these for a long time, but HE FINALLY DID CEADEUS'S THEME! I couldn't not post it.

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The Monster Hunter Stories demo is now available on the JAPANESE Eshop. you can download it (if you have a japanese 3ds) with this QR code

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And to make things worse, I just linked to a f*ing kotaku article... But I cant be bothered to find a less disgusting source

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Im so glad this shit is finally done with. Healing in this quest is a death sentence... Not to mention its in the smallest biggest piece of shit game design ever, ie the 4th gen arena. And that'd be fine, there are horrible quests in the game, there always has been, but this one... This one unlocks such a useful armor piece that I couldnt really not do it.

And I swear bushido guard doesn't work against tremors (bushido evade does though)

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