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Just a reminder for members and new-comers of this community:

In the 'ABOUT COMMUNITY' section on the left of this page, I wrote, in no-uncertain terms; Make friends, have a wonderful time and keep politics down to a dull roar.

I will ban anyone who fecks about with sectarian hatred, separatism or racism on this community page.

So I banned 4 people today - I hope this helps encourage and maintain the peaceful interesting musings about art, music, information and know-how of you very fine bunch a' folk.


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100 years ago on this day. Today. Rise Up.

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“The sun rose and set in a land of dreams whether the clocks were right or wrong.” 
― Patrick Kavanagh

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An Island People the Irish May Be...

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“yes I said yes I will Yes”
Molly Bloom

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+Dirk Talamasca 
A wonderful moment of insight and celebration with Dirk's friends and family.

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A Tribute to Dirk Talamasca's Second Life.  An episode of "Designing Worlds" is online now on Treet TV. Sincere gratitude to everyone involved. 

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UPDATE from Rae: Ron's brother Charlie has asked that everyone who wishes to comment, leave one on the guest book listed below for ‪+DirkTalamasca

Ron Chavira-his real name: Feel free to share images, memories, funny stories etc...
Charlie will be giving the eulogy Saturday.

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We've lost such a good man: The Founder of this page died yesterday. Read his G+ bio if you care to; it's rich with his interests and humor.

Goodnight +Dirk Talamasca, I will leave the light on for you here in your Magical Ireland.
Your Trusted Servant,
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