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By popular demand: Here is "The Academy," my circle of scientists, researchers, and Ph.D. students. Please note that this does not represent the full population of the circle. There's some 290 people in there right now, and only 250 names can be shared at one time through the new shared circles system.

Also: If you'd like to be added to The Academy, please let me know!

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I would like to be added please :) I'm a post-doc at Cardiff University. Thanks! :)
What's your specialty, +Vincent Knight? Just want to make sure that I've clarified that it's just science, social science, and research engineering Ph.D.s (As much as I do love English majors.)
You can add me...postdoc @ u of alabama at birmingham...studying genetics/mol bio of blood disorders
As a scientist, I appreciate you making this list available. Thanks :)
I have a PhD in Science and Mathematics Education with specializations in Physics and Engineering Education. I focus heavily on how people learn in Mathematics and Science.
Thank you! I knew being lazy would pay-off. I kept delaying the task of manually seeking and dragging profiles into circles (great an effort as it is).
Thanks a bunch, Maggie. I really appreciate this!
Thanks, I was wondering why I suddenly started gaining a following. Cool.
How about MS in Criminalistics candidate, hoping to start on a PhD in Archaeology/Paleopathology in 2 years?
This is so cool. I hope good things come of this. With such advances in science across the spectrum, science really needs to be connected across different disciplines.
Thanks for sharing; can add me I'm a prof. of geology, with interests in natural resource usage, mineral science, geochemistry, isotope studies, plate tectonics, & earth history.
+Maggie Koerth-Baker, I'd love to be added! I'm an assistant professor of psychiatry at Robert Wood Johnson Medical School doing research on tobacco use and dependence. Thanks for creating this circle and sharing it!
+Maggie Koerth-Baker so you said there's 290 in the list and only 250 released in the first circle. Any chance you're collecting the new names and plan on releasing a 2nd circle?
I'm a grad student in chemistry studying nanomaterials, available for adding :)
I'm a first year PhD student at the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities studying Family Social Science and specializing in Marriage and Family Therapy.

My research focuses around families' interactions with mental illness and the social service delivery system. I'm also interested in family formation with assistive reproductive technologies (working with the Family Communication Project:, trauma, poverty and social justice issues.

Here's my professional blog:
Add me into any appropriate list, please. I am a Ph.D. neuroscientist studying psychiatric genetics and psychopharmacology, with particular expertise in hallucinogens and interest in social aspects of pharmacology. Thanks!
Would love to be in the circle, and can you split out the other 40+ as a "part 2"?
I'm interested to see what you post to the Academy circle. I'm a medicinal chemist doing discovery research in the pharmaceutical industry.
I'd like to be added too. (still undergrad, but am actively doing research and applying to PhD programs next year). also a heavy poster to Quora's science sections at
Would be delighted to join please - I'm a Prof. of Operational Research/Mathematics at Cardiff, Wales.
Please add me as well - I enjoy receiving your posts and will be interested to see what you post to The Academy.
This is a great idea. Feel free to add me as well. I'm a postdoc at University of Bordeaux, France.
I'd love to be part of The Academy! I'm study Theoretical Evolutionary Biology, and will join anything captialised!
Thanks for your work getting this together! I'd like to join the Academy as well, I'm currently completing my PhD in chemistry at the University of Oregon working with sub-10nm gold nanoparticles.
+Maggie Koerth-Baker My current research is on variable stars and I'm assisting with a radio telescope project. I'm also a space blogger on my blog and at Universe Today.
This looks like a great circle, and I'd like to join as well... I'm postdoctoral researcher in cognitive neuroscience, currently at Vanderbilt University studying neural correlates of reading comprehension and reading disability.
Thanks for sharing. I'm a Doctoral Candidate studying serious games. Feel free to add me if you would like.
Is there room for 1 more? I'm an experimental psychologist at UC Santa Barbara.
I'd like to be added to this circle .... I'm a science educator who is promoting the public understanding of science via a global science video competition .... with 42 days left till the upload deadline, I'd love to see some G+ scientists or science bloggers enter the 2011 competition.
This seems very interesting! Can I join, too? I've just finished my Ph.D. in computer science (human-robot interaction) at the National Institute of Informatics in Tokyo and I am going to work at the Google R&D Center in Tokyo from this November.
I am very happy with my newly filled out Science circle. Thanks you so much for sharing your circle.
I'm a scientist :)
Also, does anyone have a mathematics/mathematicians circle to share?
You're added to The Academy. And YOU'RE added to The Academy. You're all getting added to The Academy! /oprah
But I didn't see anything under my chair! ;-P
I am a PhD candidate. I study architectonics of feather and beak and other cornified or mineralised bird parts.
Thanks for sharing this list. I'm a materials physicist currently working on graphene and other nanomaterials, and wouldn't mind being added.
I'm a post-doc modelling Cognitive development using robots
you're my new favorite blogger! I'm a scientist at LLNL - more of a facebooker than g+er but add me to the Academy
PhD student studying cognitive development...Please add ;D
applying to The Academy: I do educational technology research - games, virtual worlds, augmented reality and direct the Center for Learning in Virtual Environments at the University of Oregon
Please add me. I post on physics, biology and many other topics.
+Michaele Kashgarian LLNL is one of my favorite labs! Seriously. What do you do there?
+William Curry Are you a scientist, or a science writer? I'm limiting this just to people who are professional researchers, whether in academia, government labs, or private/corporate labs.
I would like to be added please :) PhD student, Medical Devices, In the Monterrey Instute of Technology. Thanks! :)
Should we start a second accademy circle for those beyond the 250 Mark?
The trouble is that Google+ doesn't tell me which 250 were shared and who got left behind. And I don't have time right now to compare the two lists and figure it out.
+Maggie Koerth-Baker if you happen to have been adding the extra people (requests to join - people like myself) to your own Academy circle, then if you share the complete circle again publicly (so now with more than the original 250), this is fine - people can add the 'new' circle to their existing academy circle and it G+ ensures it syncs automatically i.e. it will only add the new people to the circle. So everyone wins :) Thanks!
Ph.D candidate (still ABD...groan) and visiting professor of communications and media studies here...
Hi. I'm a PhD student in Physics. Can I join this academy?
PhD candidate in CS! You can add me if you wish :)
Thank you for sharing this! I am a biomedical engineer who recently left academia (neuroscience/rehabilitation research in patients with motor disabilities) for an industry research position, working with medical device development. I'd like to join if possible!
ABD (all but defense) in History. would be happy to join.
Can you please add me? I'm a scientist at LANL... a mathematician
I'd be happy to join too, if you're still making additions. I'm a scientist working in cancer genomics and molecular genetics.
Would you mind re-sharing this circle? You can now share up to 500 and you have to re-share to include new additions.
That's a nice improvement. Thanks for the info Paul!
Hello, I am a recent Ph.D. in sports psychology and would love to be added.
im a medical student is that worthy of addition for this group?
Hey all, Im a PhD student in environmental Genomics at Cardiff Uni!
This will be a great interaction! Please include me +Maggie Koerth-Baker. I am studying cognitive development and research in psycholinguistics. +Paul Harper suggested that you reshare the circle if you have already added people to this circle, that would be nice :). Hope to hear from all of you. i trust this academy circle can make this world a better place. Hope to see your mind filling posts in future as well :)!
Open Scientist from London, just finished my PhD in stem cell mobilisation at Imperial :) Keep up the great work of bringing science to a wider audience.
Hi +Maggie Koerth-Baker and thanks for sharing this circle ! I'm a PhD Applicant at OIST and post frequently posts related to science, thanks for your consideration :)
I'd like to be added. Astrophysics professor at RIT.
I'm a PhD student doing genotypic associations in normal populations and other sequencing/genetics related stuff at Cambridge University/European Bioinformatics Institute. Would love to be added.... still trying to find out a way to separate work from social posts at G+.
I'm a Physics PhD student also working in a major laser laboratory in the UK. Can i be added?
Ah this is just what I've been looking for. I'm just starting my PhD.
Hello, can you add us to the circle? Thank you!!
Could you please add me? Thank you! P.S.: I am a Marketing PhD student
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