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I'm told that Share Circles has been expanded to allow you to share more than 250 people at a time. So I'm sharing The Academy again, this time in its entirety.

Everybody here is a working scientist, in some respect, either academic, private research, or employed by a government. If you'd like to be added to the circle, let me know.

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I would love to be in that circle. I am a nuclear structure physicists.
As of a few weeks ago, the upper limit was 500. Also, I would like to be in the circle. I'm a neuroscientist working on hippocampus, memory, navigation ...
+Sarah Kavassalis It's possible that I circled somebody in here accidentally who should have been in a different circle. Send me a private note with the name and I'll double check.
+Benjamin Gentle You're added. Thanks!
+Wolfgang Alexander Moens Mathematicians totally count. Added.
+John Kubie You were already on there. ;)
Various and sundry spammers: I appreciate the ballsiness of asking to be added. But no.
My circle is now exploding.
your circel ok, right
I'm a field biologist for a state wildlife agency, if you'd like to add me.
Cool - I'm assuming your previous circle share is why I have so many people 'encircling' me! At least I've turned email notifications off now... D:
Yes please! Thank you for sharing it.
Jun C
What are the criteria to be in this circle? I'm QC Microbio in a pharma company... :/ Nothing cool tho...
Ah, a double edged sword. I've already edited down the original circle and then expand on my own. I'll be creating a new Academy II circle for this add. Thanks for sharing again +Maggie Koerth-Baker
Has Google added a feature to let you pick certain circles for your main stream? Because I'd like to get this mass science circle, but I think it would overwhelm my main stream.
Jun C
+Matthew Line there's a Chrome extension that you can use to choose which circles are viewed in your main stream... I think it's called Plus / Minus... but it only works if your using Chrome
+Jun C The only criteria is being a working scientist. Or Ph.D. student. If you fit that, you qualify.
I'm a biomedical engineer, working in research for new medical diagnostic technologies, and would like to be added please :)
So that's why I got another ~200 followers today. I'd been wondering!
ooooo that would be why I suddenly have a ton of friend requests. Thanks for adding me I'll have to be more publicly academic!
+Cindy Londeore they're not friend requests -- you don't have to act on them in any way, other than to post to Public.
As an atomic physicist, I would like to be added.
Hi +Maggie Koerth-Baker, would appreciate being added. I am beginning to dabble in biomedical visualization systems and would love to get connected with the community. Thank you!
Dear +Maggie Koerth-Baker, I would appreciate being added to your list. I work in the area of sustainability for the +Innovation Center For U.S. Dairy , developing carbon assessment and benchmarking tools to facilitate assessment, measurement and mitigation of green house gasses. Thanks so much, Gail
Dear +Maggie Koerth-Baker, if you still take care of this scientific circle, I would appreciate to be part of it. I work in philosophy of science field and post publicly science related news.
Hello +Maggie Koerth-Baker I have a Phd in neuroscience and post about 5 times a day on google+. The majority of what I post is about neuroscience research, but also includes some general health research (heart, exercise, etc). If you have time please take a look at my posts and see if you think I fit into your circle. Thanks.
Hi +Maggie Koerth-Baker , my PhD is in public policy and my research/faculty position is in Public Health Policy. I'd love to be added to the circle as well if you are still keeping it up to date.
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