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It's a hard knock life.
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Awwww! so cute! 
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4 years ago!
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Maggie Brazeau (MissySedai)

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Rocky bids you good evening! 
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Maggie Brazeau (MissySedai)

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This is Zoe, my 3 year old APBT, imploring me not to work today.

In half an hour, she will be snoring in my lap with my keyboard balanced on her while I take tech support calls.
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Zoe is a beauty 😃
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Maggie Brazeau (MissySedai)

Submission appeals  - 
Portal Title : Paper Moon Vineyards
Type of appeal  Rejected New Submission Appeal - does not meet the criteria
Location :  41.401651, 82.35968 -

Criteria this Portal candidate meets:

-- A popular local spot that you would take a friend visiting your community for the first time
-- A popular spot where locals gather, but may be lesser-known outside the community
-- Tourist spots that showcase local flavor and culture and that make your city/neighborhood unique

Established in 2008, with more than 4,000 vines of vidal blanc, traminette, noiret, marquette and chambourcin across five acres of the 50 acre property, Paper Moon features "estate" wine - meaning the wine is produced from grapes grown on the property.  the property is situated on the remains of an old concord vineyard within the Lake Erie Watershed region, known for its favorable microclimate for growing wine grapes.

In addition to a heated patio with seating for 60 and a traditional tasting room with a fireplace and seating for 40, Paper Moon features a large picnic area, a fire ring, and community events all year round, including family and children's events, and live music every Friday and Saturday featuring local talent.   Summer finds the lawn populated with locals enjoying a game of cornhole or horseshoes, or perched around the fire to gossip.

Paper Moon is a bit off the beaten path, someplace you wouldn't necessarily know about unless you were a local or a wine tourist.  The winery boasts friendly food service, including housemade soups, woodfired pizza, panini sandwiches, and traditional cheese and charcuterie plates, all with wine pairing suggestions.  Paper Moon is a hidden gem in the sleepy village of Vermillion, OH, a delightful surprise that you'll miss if you're not looking for it.
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Operation Gold Illuminator

I've had my Gold Illuminator for a few weeks now ( earned on March 29th,  8 layers, anchored by Liberty, Pemberville, and Otsego, OH, for 129,362 MU, covering the entire town of Bowling Green OH.  This caused no end of Smurf crying that it 1) didn't count because it wasn't in Toledo City Limits 2) didn't count because the anchors were in very small towns 3) didn't count because the people I was with each then ADA'd an anchor and re-threw the fields so we could ALL get the MU 4) didn't count because they weren't impressed that we managed this in spite of active opposition.  IOW, crybabypantsing. Never noticed all of those things disqualifying us before! +NIA Ops should tell us about such restrictions! ;) )

The Husband was getting annoyed that he still didn't have his Gold Illuminator - we play primarily together, so we're usually close in stats.  He had A Plot To Fix This.

The Plan: 11 fields, total, with the North and South anchors set in two states, 4.83km apart and the East and West anchors set 6.28km apart - a field covering 30.33 square km. Huge?  No.  We're just two people with limited time in an area where ENL is outnumbered by nearly 3 to 1! But we figured it would get the job done.

After clearing out a number of blocking links, we started with the North anchor, throwing to the South.  Upon reaching the Midpoint, we worked our way East, throwing the spine and layering as we went.  Then it was a race to the Midpoint again, to begin throwing to the West, again layering as we went.  The Husband achieved both his Silver Mind Controller and his Gold Illuminator!

Final stats:  52,640 MU for him, and 60,560 AP split between us. And he was #2 overall in our Cell at the Checkpoint!  Not bad for a Sunday afternoon, right down one of the busiest streets in the City of Toledo!

+NIA Ops , do the local Smurfs have to be impressed for this to count? /snark
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+Eric Cleveland I love that song, too.  Saw Kansas open for Styx mumblemumble years ago, though, and was sorely disappointed in them.  Dust in the Wind and Point of No Return were great, but the rest of their set was so lackluster. It seemed like they didn't really enjoy their work any more.
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Très beau chien 🐕 🐕 
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First Friday always finds Rocky singing with the tornado sirens. Zoe just checks to make sure her brother is OK. 
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Appeal Type: Rejected Title Edit
Current Portal Title:  Edward Liberty House
Correct Portal Title:  Edward D. Libbey House
Portal Location:  2008 Scottwood Ave., Toledo, Ohio  41°38′32″N 83°33′29″W

Reason for rejection:  Suggested title changes or descriptions weren't necessary; the current title/description were already adequate
Suggested changes were incorrect or could not be verified

+NIA Ops , come on.  It's the very first hit when you search Google, and it actually says LIBBEY on the plaque in the scanner photo, included below. How is correct information not necessary or not verifiable?

Google Search Results:
Google Image Search Results:
Additional plaque photo:
National Register of Historic Places:

The Edward Drummond Libbey House, the former home of Libbey Glass founder Edward Drummond Libbey and his wife, Florence Scott Libbey, is situated in Toledo's Old West End neighborhood, within sight of the Toledo Museum of Art, which was founded and permanently endowed by the Libbey family.

Now an international company, Libbey Glass is still headquartered in Toledo and is one of Toledo's largest employers.  It is thanks to Edward Drummond Libbey that Toledo became the "Glass Capital of the World".

It seems only proper that we spell his name correctly on his house.  Can we fix this, please?

Please note:  The Edward D. Libbey House is NOT private residential property.  It is owned by the non-profit Libbey House Foundation, and serves to educate our community about the city's roots in glassmaking.

The Libbey House Foundation:
Toledo Blade:
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Type of appeal - Rejected portal edit - Incorrect Pin
Portal Name : Champion Leap Frogger
Location :   41.684553, -83.621098

This art Frog, one of dozens located around the city of Toledo, is located at the main entrance of the Ramada Inn and Conference Center of Toledo.  Scanner pictures clearly show that the Frog is located OUTSIDE the building - in fact, visitors must pass by it to enter the hotel to get to the Front Desk.  It is located to the right of the main revolving door, under the entry canopy, providing company for guests who slip out to the bench for a smoke.  The Frogs are a well-loved symbol of our city, which bears the nickname of Frogtown.

Current pin placement puts the Frog squarely in a secure, employees-only area inside of the hotel.  Ingressers attempting to access this portal disrupt the daily operations of the hotel by driving around to try to find it, causing inconvenience to the guests and staff alike, and impeding legitimate traffic in the parking areas.  

Several requests have been made to correct the pin placement, including requests by hotel staff and guests.  As you can see by the Satellite View of the facility, the current pin placement isn't even close to the actual location of this portal.

Can we please correct the pin placement so visitors can actually go to the Frog, instead of needing to wander around looking for it?
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Thanks for posting, Agent. We've made the corrections you've suggested, so this should now be in the right location. 
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Gold Pioneer and L12, simultaneously! 
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Woohoo! 'Grats!
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Dancer, Darkfriend, Cook, Gamer, Geek, Mother, Cat Herder, Dog Scratcher
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Two kids, two dogs, and an uncountable passel of awesome friends that I consider my family!
  • University of Toledo
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  • E. L. Bowsher High School
    College Prep, 1984 - 1987
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