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Automating Original Content Sharing
Automating Original Content Sharing

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Issues with Facebook and Twitter publishers are now resolved. Users are advised to re-authorize impacted accounts and use "poke" feature to push posts failed earlier. 
Contact us at for faster response.

Magenta River service is experiencing intermittent issues with publishing to Facebook and Twitter. We are working on restoring the service.

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All our paid plans now include a free one month trial!
This change comes along with a minor re-branding of our website. Come over and check it out!

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New time-spacing feature is now available for all Magenta River users!
Time-spacing allows to set a minimum post interval for our Publisher. Now post buffering becomes even easier, with schedule and time-spacing working together to control when buffered posts will be published.

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Link settings can now be cloned across all linked accounts using new 'Clone Settings' feature. Users can select which settings to clone and also choose to merge filter keywords option rather than overwrite keywords.

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This is how you can transfer all or some of your Google Plus albums to Facebook.
To trasfer my Google albums to a new Facebook account I used +Magenta River online service.
Althought the service does not have 'Transfer my Images' button, there is a trick that alllows for individual albums to be transfrerred.

Steps to transfer Google album to Facebook (Use at your own risk!):

1. Register with and link your desired target Facebook account to your Google Plus account that owns albums you wish to transfer.

2. In the settings for the link enable "Ignore Image Timestamps". This will force all images in a shared album be uploaded to the target account. NOTE: Disable "Ignore Image Timestamps" immediately after images are transfrerred!

3. In your Google Photos pick an album to be transferred and share the whole album on Google Plus. Make sure that you share for "Public".

4. Either wait for +Magenta River to transfer shared album or click "Poke" on MR Dashboard. 

5. Repeat step 3 for all albums you wish to copy. Step 4 is only required to be completed once after all albums are re-shared on Google Plus.

6. IMPORTANT Disable "Ignore Image Timestamps" immediately after all albums are transfrerred!

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Our new Pro Dashboard has been released.
This release bring major improvements for users with a large number of linked accounts.
Pro Dashboard supports account lookup and sorting, organizes target accounts, adds in-place help and hints, and fixes a few other issues.

Our 500px publisher has not been active in the past 2 weeks, and we are extremely surprised that no one noticed!
A message to users who have 500px accounts linked:
- Please use 500px publishing capability
- It is OK to email
We appreciate user feedback so as to improve our systems and services.

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We have trimmed our Facebook App name to Magenta River.
Small step for our marketing department but a huge leap for the whole company!

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We have completed a fix for a number of target-authentication and logon issues that have impacted some of our users in a course of last few days.
Please let us know if you still experience any troubles navigating our site or notice other problems with the service.
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