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Mae K.
We are simply outdoors everyday.
We are simply outdoors everyday.

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Tips for Buying Used Outdoor Gear

Don't let lack of gear keep you indoors. There are a lot of good options for buying used gear. But learn from a few of my mistakes and triumphs first. 

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T-Minus 10 days til +Outdoor Families Magazine's Inaugural Issue & the launch of The Great Family Adventure Photo Contest! Can't wait to share it all with you guys!

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Nature Walk: DIY Pine Cone Ornament
A fun way to include the outdoors in your busy holiday schedule. #outdoorfamilies   #naturewalk

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20 Ways to Explore the Forest Using Your 5 Senses

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Exploring nature is fun and doesn't have to be complicated. Just get outdoors and use what you already have, your 5 senses. 

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I guest posted this week. Simple outdoor activity that the kids can enjoy outdoors and in. 
Thanks to +Mae K. for providing me with this fab #guestblogpost all about how to make your own DIY Bird Feeders...

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New Post: D is for Deciduous - Exploring the trees that loose their leaves.

With fall quickly approaching, I rounded up a number of activities for getting outdoors and exploring the changing trees of the season. 

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I would be hiking in the mountains everyday if I could. But I can't, I don't live near the mountains. But that doesn't stop me from creating outdoor adventures for my family. 

NEW POST: MAKING ADVENTURES HAPPEN - no matter your location.

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These are easy to make, healthy and my kids loved them. 

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11 water activities for when you don't have a hose or if you want to conserve water.

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My brother-in-law recently went on his first camping trips. Sharing his tips for first-time campers on the blog today.
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