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I tried flashing my OnePlus 3 (OP3) with v3.0.2-1, as downloaded from twrp.me, but it would not boot into recovery, no matter what i tried. I got a black screen, and only thing I could do was to reboot by longpressing the powerbutton.

I found the toolkit for OP3 on XDA (v3.7 https://forum.xda-developers.com/oneplus-3/development/toolkit-oneplus-3-toolkit-unlock-t3398799), and gave it a go - this actually worked. I had i look in the script, and thay did exactly what I tried my self, so I think something is wrong with the image. I decided to do a little more testing. From the toolkit version (which I think is v3.0.2-1.28) I tried to flash the twrp.me file again (even redownloaded, both from the phone and the desktop), and it yielded same result - it would not boot into recovery.

I'm not really sure who the maintainer of the build, on twrp.me, is (Grarak -> https://forum.xda-developers.com/oneplus-3/development/recovery-unofficial-twrp-t3401014 ?), or how to report bugs - here, XDA or maybe a github repo? 
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It was v4.0 (might have been v4.0.1). I had some issues with it, so I'm back om v3.2.8 again, though.
I did. I'm not keen on flashing it again, as the phone is my daily driver, and v4 apparently disables both of my SIMs.
Ok - I can confirm, that it must be an issue with OOS v4. Just flashed the exact same TWRP image on OOS v3.2.8, and it works.
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