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"Even though I told him in 1984 that I wanted to rule the world, it’s Dick Clark who ruled the world. He loved what he did and his energy and enthusiasm were boundless. A great man. I bow to his memory and everything he did with his life." - Madonna
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Your post made me remember Tears for Fears' hit “Everybody wants to rule the world”.
I never heard. I know one that clark of superman!
dick clark u were truly amazing every new yrs eve before the ball dropped u made it fun with all tht u sed
I am saddened by the fact that Madonna only takes his tour to the South of Brazil, I'm from northern Manaus - Amazonas and are forgotten, to watch a show queen's got to go to Sao Paulo.
Were you aware that there is an active ingredient in gardenias called 'genipin' that regulates inflammatory activity?
so sad that another Living Legend has gone to Heaven. As a kid, every Sat mornings would turn the tube on & watch Mr Clark's show "American BandStand" So entertaining, he's was the 1 that got me interested in Music.
Condolences out to the Clark Family
American Bandstand was classic! It was what you watched after Saturday morning cartoons ended and you could always count on Dick Clark's upbeat personality to make you smile every Saturday and every new year...he is a part of American culture and history and will be missed but how many smiles he did bring to our faces. Thank you , Mr. Clark.
What a remarkable statement,well done Madonna!!!
wow sounds like something from like jane austen or thoreu
Ai Mee
eu tenho cara de saber ingles?!?!?!?!
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eyy me alegra mucho que vengas a medellin-Colombia! ya me imagino la magnitud de tu concierto, que lastima que yo este en Cali y no tenga los medios para ir a verte!! un abrazo!!
How do you reconcile your personal beliefs? Do you believe in an entity that 1. can control everything 2. Is the source of everything 3, can create free will and be bound by it and by the same token take it away in form of miracles?
Te queremos escuchar cantar y ver tu show también en Paraguay también :)
yes Dick Clark was the man gone and never forgotten and in 1984 i was busy covering my wall with Madonna posters i dont think i ever had a bigger crush on any woman Madonna i loved you then and always will favorite song borderline how many weeks did that one sit on Americas top forty im out world peace
So the contract with Satan must've run it's course. I swear that man hasn't aged in 35 yrs! Rock roll and Remember!!!
Great guy.Had the pleasure of meeting him in 1985. My family owned a tv station, and he definitely had "the presence".
I'm young, talented, but my shots will not prevent anyone
Who is Madonna, whom you write??
I would like to make friends with you, Budapest, I am Madonna
Hi madonna,' re a very pretty woman .. congratulations on your new album.
Rest in peace Mr Clark. You were a great man of vision , character and substacnce. You will be remembered and honored for years to come
hi madonna,okay? I think its a very good song!
Dear Madonna,Thank you for promoting me.
here (throws eyeliner) get that while Madonna has a real conversation with someone.
hellow madonna hour you iam indian guy akant dubey
Dear Madonna,
  I have spoken about human and humaity and global law.Do you know.?Regards,
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