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It's time to Go Wild!!!
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wild madonna , ah ! , can't believe ( man from the dark wood )
ALWAYS good to hear new music from the "QUEEN" of pop...<D
WOW IS AMAZING!! Madonna the queen forever LUV!!!!
am your number one fan , great video
Hello +Madonna I'm from Brazil and I love U soo Much! And loved her new single "give me all your love," and it is already topping the charts and radio here in Brazil, you sure is not simply the Queen of Pop, you're pure POP!
wow i m also bad boy but some diffrent type (JUST SEE MY SONG RAMA RE)
best to retire while you are still ahead :P
Señora, esta ud como quiere, como me recomendó el dr
britney fans wanne unfloping britney with this song. LOL
haha lol who whats to be my new boy frann? or girl frann
I doubt it's the stars themselves spread! No that's their soul was there (in what they write), so you can beat them to hear!
Песня нормальная , современная .!. Но не более !! ( Мне нравится эта песня )
Pull yourself together dearest Madonna. Consider this seriously. Cancel the record's release, take a few months, get rid of this "filling the gap song", if there is more like this, get rid of those too. You KNOW you CAN do better than this. Seriously, your career is in great danger. Seriously. You gave up on music. You used to write lyrics. With this song you spit on you previous records. You sing: forgive me in the song. I say, make up your mind. Although your legacy cannot be destroyed, but you could have been the only artist in pop history, who did not record a SINGLE BAD SONG. Not that this song is the deepest shit, it is still shit. You know, we all know. Who like this song... I understand. Ok. Like it. But this about this song in the greater context...
blabla, i don't speak whatever language you guys speak
Right on the spot and straite to the bone, I really liked that one, you are totally my superstar, keep it up girl !
Madonna you still the it i can believe it we still got it..
Madonna ur music is just 2 great 2 be described
Deadmau5 covers Cyndi Lauper and your ropy, wizened cougar aunt insists on singing along.
irish d
ooooh madonna's here!
te amooo tantooo tu si saves de musica :*
Video not available in Germany :-(
Sorry to say a thing like this but it sounds so bad.
I loved your half time show at the super bowl! keep it up!
second Las Vegas show was just added (10/14)
In Chardon Ohio where we had a school shooting today. Thank you Madonna for a distraction from this horror. When I put on the headphones you can't hear the choppers overhead.
A nice song! Thanks to a wonderful Madonna! Always, thanks for the stimulation!
who is better Madonna or lady gaga???????????????
obusly madonna but the lady is good 2
U R A BAD ASS ur flawless and u get better with age.. amazed
I like it. It doesn't sound like O.G. Madonna, but I like it. At some point in the future, I would like to hear that O.G. Madonna magic.
Name any other 50-year old that makes music like that. Yep, exactly what I was thinking... ;D
your hhhhhhhhhhhhhooooooottttttaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Τι λες μωρη πατσαβουρα???
Masta T
ohhh jeez im so diggin the music <3
I love your songs i love you
'm camila
and I love you
ღღღღღ <33333
the one and only madonna~我好爱你啊快来中国啊秒杀婊子GAGA阿!
I can't listen to it yet, I have to wait for the video. I like surprises.
I hope Madonna's songs on this album are sophisticated so it not only engages the new generation but is perceived as high class with great writing, depth and meaning by us fans that have been around since the 80's.
get over the antics and move on to something greater
Sigo esperando el álbum.... espero sea muy bueno como todo lo que ha hecho Madonna
but why just lyrics? come on Madonna, u can do better than that!!!!!!!!!!
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