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Madonna Answers St Petersburg's Controversy:

I'm a freedom fighter.
My show
My songs
My work
My art
Is all about freedom of expression
Freedom to choose to speak to act
Always with humanity and compassion
I will come to St. Petersburg to speak up for the gay community, to support the gay community and to give strength and inspiration to anyone who is or feels opressed.
I don't run away from adversity.
I will speak during my show about this ridiculous atrocity.
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roc fu
Just so they don't mess it up what are the type of flowers you prefer again?
Madonna keeping it real!!
I wish journalists would stop calling you Material. It is like they think that people should not be allowed to change. And grow.
i dont mind gays but i think its kind of rediculous to have their own communities. its like they want the attension. people should just leave them alone and let them live their life
"community" is being used as way to describe a group of people - it doesn't mean "community" as "have their own community" .... and your whole comment sounds really RIDICULOUS as it shows you don't know what your talking about.
That's so nice of you Madonna! keep it up! Don't listen to these haters!! <3 ya!
Why do u hate her so much???
Speaking is not enough, giving the example is enough.
a great photographer who understands lighting can make anybody look lovely....
She is not only cool but an example of the ideal lady.. Nancy Lee Lane-Boulton.
What is the social importance of homosexuality and why do people feel the need to fret about who they pleasure themselves with? This is a social issue that would not exist if not for the gay community drawing attention to itself. It seems like a very petty cause considering since governments around the world wage war on each other's civilians so they can keep their share of the pie. Just so you know, bankers are keeping vast swaths of humanity in debt and in poverty while you fools are focusing on who's fucking who. /rant
I would just go to Tampa - it's not that far and there is little controversy there.
+Ken Tuck Gay rights isn't an important social issue? Really? Last I checked, gay marriage is illegal until just recently and still is in some states. If the government is going to tax gays and lesbians and hold them to the same rule of law as any other citizen, then they should be able to reap the same benefits as another other citizen without exception.
What's next? Telling homosexuals that they can't vote or they only make up 2/3 of a person, or they have to enter public buildings from the back door? Good thing THAT hasn't happened in the good ol' U.S. or A....oh wait...
What's your secret to life, my beautiful Ma Donna;)
"Sou uma lutadora pela libertade
Meu show
Minhas músicas
Meu trabalho
Minha arte
é tudo sobre liberdade de expressão
Libertade para escolher, para falar, para atuar
Sempre com humanidade e compaixão
Virei para São Petersburgo para falar para a comunidade gay, para apoiar a comunidade gay e para dar força e inspiração para aquele que é orpimido ou sente opressão
Não vujo das adversidades
Falarei durante meu show sobre esta ridícula atrocidade"
When are you going to do a hangout! That's what I wanna know :D
WOW! Thank you so much for speaking up for us... we can see how serious you are by how your ghost writer added a heavily photoshopped picture of you. That will really help your publicity, ahem, I mean cause!
Love u Madonna!!! Message me some time :)
Who cares about Madonna. Why is this piss in my stream?
Stop being so mean. keep it to urself
dont like the hairstyle soorry sis
im doooo dorry dat was my littl child he only 17
Michigan's own makin' Michiganders all over the world proud :-)
Despite parents being freedom fighters, im guessing their kids never think of it that way, especially when they do not get their own way :)
Oh and Hooraahh for Gay rights :)
Can someone explain me - if you are all talking about gay freedom and rights, why don't you talk for example about zoophilist freedom and rights?
in my opinion all these things are very wrong and bad
Free humans are fantastic! Great contacting with you. Thank you, so much! I believe you are wonderful, M. Steven
B Baek
I like how you said you go for freedom but Gay right is not right; It is written in Bible and it's like human going against our creator God. God is the only way, truth and life.
You r a great performer...thats the most i can say
u gotta check out girl gone.wild.on youtube fuckin hot
Si Anna
wonderful women ,love you
Maddonna i think you should tottaly listen to us on youtube type in MFCS ROCK!xxx
i love the picture and those are some inspiring words
+Blake Baek maybe take another look at your bible, specifically Leviticus. You'll find out very quickly that you're just as much of a sinner as a homosexual, and you'll also find out that you're a complete idiot.

Here's a link to and several versions of Leviticus
Madonna even has google plus would you look at that!!
You may have fame, Mother Teresa had success, Its ordinary when artistes have no moral value & use liberty of speech for every wind of ugly society empty direction
Wow, there's a lot of crazy religious freaks who follow Madonna. They might not share her values, but I guess they appreciate a good tune. ;)
Just Breathe!!! Yay for Adam Lambert!!! I love him!!!!
Is she talking about Florida or Russia?
@Rostyslav Chernyakhovskyy ... until it's your rights that are taken away, of course.
St. Petersburg says no advertising gay to children. How can that be so wrong? Only the pedophiles would object to that.
+Titus Jacob I agree with you about Adam and eve - man was made to be with women, if it weren't meant to be that way we would be made with a different kind of reproductive system so that men and men/ women and women were able to breed, but they can't so its not meant to be. And before anyone gets on at me I'm not against gay people, I have some gay friends. It's just my opinion that man was meant to be with woman
You dear, are amazing. Beautiful picture of you. I doubt you'll even see this post you have over a million people, just had to say it.
hey grandma
in all world religions, gay forbidden. I thought you were crazy or drunk
+Logain Ablar Gay rights are specific to gays. We have yet to properly address human rights and poverty. In the grand scheme of things, the gay issue affects only gays which seems extraordinarily petty. I have shed blood protecting gays so don't take my stance as I dislike gays. I just dislike narcissistic attention whores. How about protesting for something really useful like peace and the end of all federal governments?
Yay Madonna! Art influences society and you are such an artist.
What happen with St Petersburg and the gays. Can someone tell me?
I think that Madonna is a little creepy because she is older than what she looks like. She is very influenced by the culture and she does not want to grow up. I like that fact that she is standing up for gay people though. I think that they need just as much rights as we normal people do. I guess that everyone has their ups and downs.
I love the fact that her eyes tell a wonderful story.
I just don't want my kids seeing that kind of stuff, Kids can get confused very easily and are like sponges who absorb everything, So I don't believe in gay marriage. But They're love life and sex life is there problem, Keep it at that. I could care less what you do, But don't expose my kids To that because they may not now how to handle it off the bat, when they grow older they will know not to worry of others people life's 
I thought Madonna was a part of the Illuminati?
"Atrocity" is a word you use to describe the Holocaust, not the refusal to grant legal rights based on the presence of a sexually deviant behavior...
Well at least shes saying something!!
The Holocaust was an "Atrocity", it is however not the only atrocity perpetuated by humans against other humans. Several come to mind (Rwanda); and homosexuals have been treated "atrociously" by people such as yourself.
Grant it the choice of wording could have been better, but her intentions are flawless in this matter. I can admit that as humans we all make mistakes, i gues you forgt to count your this week.
Before you judge my "typo" f-o-r-g-o-t is the proper way to spell my mispelled word in my previous comment. Lol..
Hey looking good, age what's that?... Seems like Gay rights is being hijacked by the 'right to act camp' movement, and I'm personally getting fed up with the 'I'm gay' one subject people I know, yes I understand, but change the subject...
...Is homosexuality right??? People who practice it would really need to have themselves re-examined...In the beginning God created them male and female and not MALE/MALE or FEMALE/FEMALE
You sock it to'em Madi. And please do not stop. Their King of Kings too. b Rex:) 02
You really need to get over yourself! Really.
+Donna Cropley Langton I used the Holocaust as one example, not the only one. I would add 9/11 and many other events to that list. But the treatment of homosexuals in modern times is not an atrocity.
Madonna is a human being, like all of us here. She makes a living by entertaining those who like her craft. She could support or reach out to whatever cause she wants to as we all can do the same. If you r not a fan or you disagree with the causes she supports for whatever reason move on. Why make ignorant statements. Use your energy + time to post about a cause u support! Supporting homosexuals is not my thing but I do belive that everyone should be treated with respect and dignity.
"public action aimed at propagandising sodomy, lesbianism, bisexualism, and transgenderism among minors"
What does that even mean? it's very vagueness is worrying. Seems like they have left it deliberately vague so that they can use any old reason for harrassment and persecution.
+Hilary Anyele is incest alright??? In the beginning God created 1 set of man and woman. Lets focus on what goes on behind our own closed doors.
Steve K
St Petersburg FL? They're not oppressed here, they own downtown.
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L-U-V madona Y-O-U you wanna(NOT)
cesar G
your our queen mama and always the fairest of them all
Is there a way to stop posts from a person from showing up in what I can see in "what's hot?" Is there a forum or something about this somewhere?

Update - sorry, please ignore. I think i found it.
You are devil freedom fighter. Repent your time is almost over.
Fighting gay rights should not be an issue. People should not be wasting their time on policing people in their home or for what their sexuality is. If gay people could be upgraded to equal citizens (including marriage rights) we could stop pouring money and hate into opposing how they are treated and worry about people and issues that are truly wrong.
She does look really young for her age though At the Super Bowl half time I noticed she look really young
Well, I think you have made a difference in the world. I appreciate that you did the superbowl without anything that would be bad for young children to see.
This is fantastic +Madonna . Gay people deserve to be respected and not oppressed. I thought you did a fantastic job at the Grammy's and even wrote my blog about it that evening.
What's state of play on the clean up of Bhopal by Dow Chemicals? Must be squeaky clean now if sponsoring / paying for Olympic Stadium? Surely?
sexy woman!!ahh
super bowl half time was great
It's amazing how much hate is in these comments. So many poor misguided folks clinging to religious dogma and cherry picking the parts they agree with.
L-U-V Madonna Y-O-U you wanna! heehee that song i catchy
Plus you can't let Gaga continue to steal the spotlight as THE female artist that the gay community supports.

Frankly, Madonna has lost all relevance. If she is such a freedom fighter for art, then why did she turn on MIA after the Super Bowl finger incident? Madonna said MIA was immature and "high school"? Really? Since I'm pretty sure your own video for the song features a much more noticeable MIA doing the exact same thing?

No. The only thing Madonna cares about is being the center of attention.
Madonna you still got it. I have always been a big fan of yours and always will be a big fan of yours. You go girl.
Folo Hu
I like what you are doing by standing up for these people they dont deserve to be treated like that
it just me, or have all of her recent photos had one eye covered? I know I sound paranoid, but it's just something I always notice
Madonna is a hack. Always has been.
black and white seems to agree a lot better than any other colour. her photographer is truly talented.
of course she endorses the gay community she's already fucked every guy on earth -oh and the Cleopatra touch after what's going on in Egypt? god what a rebel you are I missed some of it - I was punching a grumpy
you edit this and ole cleo is flaunting her whisker biscuit on stage
greatest women that i have ever seen
Either very old pic or very airbrushed pic
full of NIUBILITY! haha~
Madonna~ You make me very happy. You are beautiful and amazing. I love your music and your energy. Thank You
You have always been a fighter Madonna. An inspiration to so many artists and music lovers. You are a self-made and a legend for certain. This picture is one of your best IMHO. Searing. Sizzling. Sensual. There is nothing more valuable in life than our freedom, our lives and most of all our time, and as one of my lines of my favorite Kansas song goes, "all your money won't another minute buy." You share your time generously and for that, may you continue to be blessed!
about you ego madonna you know what well we all have them so exactly what are they talking about? it is big but you know it and thats the good part.. :D .. U r not only amazing EVERYTHING (wont start naming any) .. u touch turns to GOLD.. about your AGE? fuck itttttttttttt.... sooooo? they only thing your age says is LOOK FUCKERS I LOOK BETTER THAN ALLLLLLLLLL OF YAAAAAAAA...... and you know one thing i admire about you madge? that you had your traumas but you were never a victim.... hence Michael, and Whitney, who i both loved.. i even designed my bedroom dresser with photographs of cd covers.. and they are both all over it.. of course you, gloria, ricky... even the carpenters LMAOOOOO... keep it up cuz honey we go a long wayyyyy.. since Everybody... i will not miss you when you come to cleveland... you bet your ASS im gonna be part of that crowd ..... <#3
Thousands have lived without love, not one without water.recycle water,save water,save life, save my Earth ♥
The Mis
be freedom!! ;)
Fighting for freedom with nudity, what r u a virgin
Touched for the first time or a slut touched a million times

Freedom of speech! For out of the mouth the heart speaks,either Life or Death. Choose wisely........
Who? The hell wants to support Panadora and Jeezabel.....Your crazy Girl ######
love you and thank you!
The times demand, a complete rewiring and rewrite of Society and Community.
Let this homosexuality experiment run at least 50 years before rolling it out to the rest of the world. The child vs parent rights idea was allowed to run its course, so should homosexuality. Child right radicals thought they had won until the London Riots opened their eyes.
It s identity and it s a choice and you live with it and abide by it honestly and this many dont understand that its a human choice. Go gurl.
I wish you could see the smile on my face for expressing your support to the gay community. Like many people believe, it is not their choice to be with the same sex partner, they are born gay. Life is difficult for them and I have the highest respect and regard to anyone supporting them. I have been doing my little bit here in Mumbai/India and hope to see the day when these people can live without any discrimination.
May God have mercy for the Preachers.......
that why i like you so much,you say it like it is no matter what!
U r realy a creator
my favourite artist
When you can be your self and have fun at the same time it is fantastic!! keep up the great music!
For such a fantastic Lady! ROCK ON AND DON'T STOP!
first of all you are hot.. as days goes :)
i have always loved you for being so open im always looking up to you as my role model thank you for being your self
Hi dear Madonna, pls sing for freedom of Iran.
i like your style wooooo.. very very good..
нравится её выражение лица
Everyone seems to think she's kind of respect
Well why doesn't she give the CDs away for free, then.
Good Politics to live bye. Madge should be the president. Love you, Dj Isaac
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