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Arianne Phillips and Jean-Paul Gaultier strike a pose.
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Sound Factory & Junior... FunHouse! Chelsea! :)
non so,ma pensiamo tutti a un bellissimo futuro per loro....... ok.....
Madonna i love your last song
Madonna and the Gaultier years were amazing! You are always fabulous and inspirational! Love you Madonna!
Big Hug to Madonna for all that she has continued to do for the less fortunate in this world. The talents of Gaultier historical perfection. Big hug to Arainne also. Walmartah of the Utah Cyber charity fundraising in Utah as seen at Sundance Film Festival in Park City.
Precious, both hav beautiful smiles! Stay cooling! Madonna ive bn a fan for eva! Lol howeva i dnt look as gud as u n sum of those outfits! Ive pulled off alot of ur looks tho! Keep amazing us and bring out more spunky looks! Muah
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