Shared publicly  - have just published the results of their 2012 Readers Poll. Madonna was named 2012 MVP and came at #1 in four different categories including Favorite Billboard 200 No. 1 (MDNA), Best Tour (MDNA Tour) and Best TV Performance (Super Bowl Halftime show). "There's only one queen..." Congratulations Madonna!
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I've always admired you from and I always watch the concert on television ..
Ryan Ng
You know what, Tennessee have this little monster, Taylor. In New York, you have another monster called Gaga. Then, I am the the Mother of all Mosnster.
I get the impression that Madonna has not been terribly exclusive, but is generally rather picky. :-)
ela e foda mesmo cara ...parabens !!!
Top flight performer
Still. Kika Unbroken Ice
cesar G
A true queen who will never be defeated keep inspiring ALL of US <3
photoshop has been successfully removing the wrinkles....great job
Heh.. a full time job for that photoshopper
Signorina Ciccone do you have to have so many muscles
Couldnt expect less she is and will be the Queen of this century too
I love her so much, she's UNIQUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! VIVA MADONNA CARAJO
Madam Flowers you irrepressible old coot, how much do you pay your secret photoshopper?
She looks like a glossed over Lance Armstrong in a hooker wig!
Yeah, I was thinking..she does not really look like that.
"35" is how many years ago she looked like that in real life, except for the Slim Jim arms, they look like they would be a great snack out on the trail.
"!Congratulations Madonna i'm dashing goole see you around enjoy!"
Madonna... send me two back stage passes to your next show in California please...
She is undoubtedly the Queen of Pop. Has been for decades. More power to you, Madonna !!
Congrats Madonna,u r still gorgeous!!

Wow Madonna looks great. Congats to her. I have followed her career for a long time now and have enjoyed it.
uhhh...she was relevant in the 80s...and hot in the 80s and 90s...
Im a big fan of u and I love u
Never could stand her.  She took respect for women backwards.  Sure she made some coin, but what it cost women generally in image wasn't worth having her around.  I think skank pretty well describes her.  And since 'her' skankiness has elevated to a new level.... thanks madonna.
Randy H
Madonna? Really?!?
wht make this picture more amazing is that she is 54 yrs old
sexy as always would love a women like this but only dreams
هم فیسش خوبه هم اهنگاش
I like your old stuff better than your new stuff but congrats I guess
That must have cost quite a bit to get all them votes. 
Thank god for air brushing and Photoshop.... LOL... She is still a bitch...
Funny the coincidence between her age, 54, and the number of hours it takes to photoshop her picture.  One of those things best seen from a distance.
I don't know how she does it but she's actually hotter now than when she started here career in 1984?, actually she's just gotten hotter and hotter as time has gone by,  how does she do it?
So this is The Madonna you earth people speak of.........nice.
Madonna blows.....need real music at the Superbowl
Congratulations! You're the Queen!
Congrats, you little nasty beast...
Shes a he.more muscles than a weightlifter. Can u say steroids? 
The beautiful angel i never see i love you keep it up
She stays young by consuming virgins.
This girl is always as young as as she started....long time ago.. 
She drives that world of beauty... You are nice, darling!
Still after 50 some years she still looks like that. better with her mouth closed though unless she's singing
Kumar N
I am fan of u all the best and congratulate m
I gotta ask just how much photoshop is in this. Her arms weren't this nice lookin' a few months ago
50 years and not out, still very competent, you defy the odds. But , i still have questions to your stage acts that are also incarnating on Lady Gaga, they are so blasphemous, I shudder to think of the repurcussions. God is watching you ladies, repent when you still got time.
Madonna is just fantastic and beautiful!

queen of music Madonna, you are smart!
You still look pretty as ever 
any one can believe that she's more than 54 years
i have seen her face and body without make-up ,,, well she doesnt have the body of a 20 year old... Buuuuttttt she is a queen of hearts so it doesnt matter anymore how she looks like :) LOL
Always the badass,.. looking good girl,.
Good job girl! Just kidding I mean women! You look hotter to me now then you did as a girl. Love your music, don't tell anyone! Congratulations. You can contact me if you want, I will not be your boy toy tho, I can't I'm a man. But we could have some fun, If your not a bitch.
Heidi why don't. u but ur sexy pic up ahhh...
but ....nice.....!!!!
WHAT? how the hell did this post even make it to my wall between all those random posts? bleh...and the photo itself is more like ad for photoshop... i was not aware she was still alive.... muting...
wonderful madona great bt i gt scare 2 c ur pic.u cn easily punch me...lolz
An amazing performer. Still gorgeous... 
Cu Lu
Congrat ;)
She still looks good. Not bad for over 50.
Photoshop is a hell of a thing. This is basically not Madonna...
wht the hell i dont have muscle like that *_0
This Lady always had a date with Destiny to be a Queen ! She is Fantastic ! 
what a lovely body in our mantion
Yes, the MDNA Tour is the Best, I´ve seen it and was amazing, very goor performance! Thank you Madonna!
Sari F
Onnittelut! Grattis!  Congratulations! Complimenti!  Tu sei numero uno delle donne!
You're always be the best performer ever.........
She´s not a whore, she is a bitch (that´s waaaaay different) and she is not old, as life expectations has reportedly increased, she must be in the third part of her life, indeed!
Just another one with all the back ups really the talented ones, Madonna, Kylies, Jay Lows just puppets
so beautiful cute nd swet
No doubt she's the Queen of music!!!!!
sou fa da Madona. Fui ao show dela no Rio e fiquei enlouquecida. Ela e demais!!!
Madonna is so beautiful she is my most favorite celebrity.
beautiful does always or even mostly come with beautiful brain, NOT! 
Madonna, It is what it is! You are the best! Congratulations!"

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She is Fifty Six But says she is Fifty Four !! Happy Birthday Madge !!!!
Oh and btw your Lions have nothin on my Bengals girl! You probably don't even know what I'm talking about, you just wore a jersey to be in fashion!
Congrats Madonna!  
Are you still here, Madge? Please... Its time to go... Relevance.... Look it up.
Aww.. Is Madge erasing posts that aren't kissing her wrinkly ass? Boooo hoooooo.....
come sei bella sembri un angelo ciao nanni.
Is that supposed to subliminally make us think she's only 35?
Hi i am your biggest fan . I would like to meet u one day
Geuss they pushed photoshop to its a limit onbthis one
Simplement magnifique! La seule et unique.
what is your email? i would  like to add you to chat
The charm knows no time for a legend of the music world.
A woman rebel "like a virgin" a woman of great class and talent.
madonna you are a old you need to sit and take a chill but you still look young
Was there any question really????? Way to go girl!!!!
And that's madonna!! Feliciades Madonna desde Mèxico
No One
Madonna! We love you! Wooohooo!!!!B-) :-D
Cuando visitas Lima! ....... Eduard
 when you understand others people problems, help this neighbor,love him and protect whom are suffering.
vi piace la musica??! venite a vedere la mia pagina!
A lady that tries to hard to be someone else but inside she is a very loving person that needs to herself Be happy

Iv seen u live you are really good
Kráska se srdcem na správném místě
54 ans... une merveille de femme....c'est un exemple de femme que j'adore.....
Yout still got it girl you are the best
Ms.Madonna do u take time 2 read these comments from ous ur fans?
Keep up the good work you go girl your the best I love you
She is getting old and it is showing more each performance
Hi Madonna! My Name is Laura Watson. and i'm a HUGE FAN of your music and you as well! please add me on google plus ok? :)
Looking pretty good there I think. Keep up the good work. GOD BLESS YOU and YOUR FAMILY !!!!!!
absolutely true (blue) I LOVE YOU MADO...
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