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Coming straight from Poland is this cool Sleeve Face contest entry using the "La Isla Bonita" single sleeve. Have you entered our exclusive contest yet? If not, go ahead and do so before 11:59pm EST on October 19th!
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Sorry Jeasus says we should love one another; Sorry i didn't like you.
no mos
i didn't like you
I Dig that Era.. You were on Fire from True Blue through Bedtime Stories...  the Queen of Modern Music
¿Quien me explica bien las bases del concurso? es que no entendí muy bien haha
Love you you are has beautiful as ever!
love u so much my beautiful idol....
Coucou mado je m'appel franck et je suis fan bisous
I have this album... So niiiiiice....
I think you are the best way better than gaga who is that any way???????
Ga ga can't hold a light to you, your the best i love everything you do
You are still so beautiful and what a star
How could you not fall in love with her beauty all woman always loved you
Hello.Howareyou.Iloveyou.Madonna. tankyou.
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