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Check out the stunning cover of Vanity Fair Italy, May 9th issue, which hits local newsstands tomorrow and includes more new pics taken during the making of the "Truth or Dare" fragrance campaign!
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Why don't you try modeling, perhaps try to apply some makeup and look decent? Maybe take care of your hygene???
Perhaps stop acting so VAIN yourself. Try taking a picture of yourself... then see if you can do something to TRY to make yourself look beautiful. Stupid cunt!
BeCa m
mee shes UGLY Madonna!
BeCa m
ok she kinda does for 50
You are making the rest of us 40 and 50 somethings look bad as always
man arent you like 50, you shouldn't be showing that much cleavage, no offense
WOW! The person who photoshoped this cover needs an award .. stat!
shes 50years why is she showing cleavage like that eww!
you got kids put some cloth on lady.
Women what the hell is wrong with you? I knew we went to fight in the war and you had to handle the house, but were back dammit. Now stop standing on the street corner, put your damn clothes back on and get your ass inside the house before I close this door. The attention your trying to get from those boys are someone's husband and someone's son. do you want your husband or your kids to eye fuck someone else's sister or mother. think about what your doing, stop being stubborn. we build the house and you take care of it there is no injustice as long as both partners agree but this foulness has to stop. If not for the men for the children. if this continues there will only be pussies and bleeding pussies, surely than you will loose all sense of comfort and security. think about it!!!
MDNA is nice
and women if you don't act like women than real men will never treat you like women. if your gonna act like bitches than you will only get, as Kat Williams best put it "bitch niggas." So you wanna spend the rest of your life with a "bitch nigga" or a real men? its up to you, but know no real men will put up with this kind of bullshit, you give up your freedoms when you put on your ring.
lovely body doesn't mean show it off. that's why the word whorehouse exists. If I had balls smooths like eggs I wouldn't cut holes on the bottom of my pants so other people can appreciate how smooth they are. there are certain social boundaries and this county had lost it after world wars when men left to fight. So this period of feminine insanity to be like men is not any social, ethical, moral, or even humanistic norm, its a deviation from the norm. the train slipped off the track we need to put it back on track. men what do you cherish the most? of course your women, their companionship is the most precious things in our lives, so if its precious do we not keep it hidden and safe from the lust of other men?
Lighten up people and get over the age thing. So what if it's Photoshop. She's an entertainer. It's just a fun photo. It would be one thing if it was an ad for a wrinkle cream they were trying to sell but it's not. So who cares if it's edited.
To all the Madonna haters-just stop it & give credit where credit is due!
Magari cerca di meno di sembrare una ragazzina,che non lo sei piu'..cerca di accettare i tuoi 54anni,che sei sempre affascinante comunque.
awww is beautiful.... i love u madonna
I can only hope I look as great as you at your age!!! You are truly beautiful.......
You were something in Italy once - potere
The queen of sin is a stepping stole 4 real man. Once a whore always a whore. 
Just because ur on tv doesnt mean ur not selling ur body. If u werent u wouldn't have ur boobs hanging out. And as far as ur music is concerned, I don't even need to listen to it, nothing good can come out of that mouth or that childish mind. Whore
I love this image. Too think of her many incarnations. She's truly an amazing phenomenon. I wish I had tickets.
what a killer pic, of a stunning woman! I truly believe she could bottle her bath-water, and sell it!
You are the most amazing business woman every!! Your just an amazing woman and I try daily to be as good as you!! Thank You!
+Jennifer Hutcherson she's not acting like a young lady, she's just showing everyone that she's in a nice shape. Your comment seems a bit envious, don you think?
If this "lips M" sounds also like growing GMail, still nice days ahead of her. Keep going Louise !
Madonna and her hands,soo sweety
really......... +Eugen Right i dont think madonna (sadly) has no time to add any of us in her contacts.... :'(
madonna nn è finita.anzi inizierà una nuova era
im not trying to be a pervert mixed with a lesbo but nice saggy boobs
Ehab SH
After long years, you still my favorite Pop female artist of all're a legend! Thanks for all the music you have introduced to the world.
Kayla L
I love Madonna! Such a huge fan :)
cool plz call me jani
Madonna es la chica de la portada!!!!!
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