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Avoid Home Buyer's Remorse In Real Estate

Although it may sound like a far-fetched idea now, home buyer's remorse is real. This is the reason that so many home experts tell home buyers to take their time and pick the place that is right for them.

Learn how to avoid home buyer's remorse and more in our latest post!

You will also find related home buyer resources within via +Anita Clark +RealtyTimes +Lynn Pineda +Paul Sian +Debbie Drummond +Xavier De Buck and +Bill Gassett!

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The Importance Of Curb Appeal In The Winter Months

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Top Real Estate Round-Up Posts

If you are in the market to buy a home, you will find lots of good information. Real estate agents with a proven track record of helping clients find the right home for their needs are usually really good at marketing their message. This means you can review the tried and true best practices from several experienced agents and find a plan that will work for you.

For those that are ready to sell a home, we also have good information for you. Everything from staging your home, projects to improve curb appeal and specific items to do based on the season can all be found. This will give you a firm plan for getting everything in order and ready for the big sale.

Listed below is a compilation of various articles from across the web to help you with your search including round-up articles by +Ryan Fitzgerald +Kyle Hiscock +Bill Gassett +Karen Highland +Paul Sian +Xavier De Buck +HULIQ +Greg Hancock +Joe Samson +Fit Small Business +UpCity and +Anita Clark!

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No Down Payment Mortgage Mistakes To Avoid

Here are some common no down payment mistakes that can be avoided with a little work:

⌂ Forgetting About Moving Expenses
⌂ Failure to Account for Closing Costs
⌂ Buying a Home Without a Home Inspection
⌂ Buying a Home Without Using a Real Estate Agent
⌂ Ignoring the True Cost of Home Ownership

Be sure to check out the full article over on our blog!

You will also find additional resources via +Ryan Fitzgerald +David O'Doherty +Bill Gassett +Jeff Knox +Kyle Hiscock +Lynn Pineda +Debbie Drummond +Joe Samson +Anita Clark and +Paul Sian!

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Don't Have a Large Down Payment? Learn The Pros and Cons

If you have the resources, making a larger down payment can have its benefits. Of course, that's not always possible and if you have to obtain a mortgage with a small down payment, make sure you look into the pros and cons so that you are prepared.

In +Kyle Hiscock's latest article, he dives into the details of the advantages and disadvantages of getting a mortgage with a small down payment. This is a must read guide!

You will also find additional resources via +Bill Gassett and +MGIC!

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Learn How To Get A Second VA Mortgage in this post on second-tier entitlement!

It is possible, under certain circumstances, to obtain a second VA mortgage while keeping your original.

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Winter Curb Appeal DOES Matter: Boost Yours with These Tips
Increase your home’s winter curb appeal and entice a buyer to sign a contract with you

Unlike fall, winter curb appeal has a different focus. During the months of fall, a home can be decorated with a range of colors and easily look inviting to a casual passerby. However, in order to make a home look appealing in the winter, there are different tactics necessary to attract potential buyers.

We gathered actionable advice from 18 designers, decorators, stagers and real estate pros including +Diana Hadchity Chedrawy +Red Barrinuevo +Lorrie White +Ryan Fitzgerald +Bill Gassett +Karen Highland +Kyle Hiscock +Anita Clark +Lynn Pineda +Paul Sian +Todd Ferris +Wendy Weir +David Cronnin +Jeff Knox +Debbie Drummond +Angela Duong +Dan Seim and +Xavier De Buck!

You will also find additional resources via +June Seebohm +RISMedia +David R. Millar +Marisa Hunter +Janis Borgueta and +Teresa Cowart!

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First Time Home Buyer Mega Guide

Find out how to make the home buying process a smooth one as a first time home buyer in this mega guide!

If you are able to get your finances organized, promptly respond to requests from your loan officer, and have realistic expectations then as a first time home buyer, you should experience a rather smooth process for buying a home!

Additional first time home buyer resources via +Anita Clark +Bill Gassett +Tony Mariotti +Luke Skar +Kyle Hiscock and +Xavier De Buck !

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Is It Easy To Make Money Flipping Houses?

Did someone try to sell you on how easy it is to make money flipping houses and now you're ready to dive in? Not so fast. We encourage you to read this incredible resource by +Mark Ferguson - InvestFourMore to find out the truth about what it takes to make money from flipping houses!

Mark is an expert real estate agent and investor who has flipped many houses in his 15 year career. His advice is solid and you should think twice about buying into any get rick quick real estate scheme.

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