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STEM Internet Code & Fun.. That's me
STEM Internet Code & Fun.. That's me

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On this date, of 1931, one of the prominent revolutionary and an important figure in Indian Independence, Shahid Bhagat Singh was hanged.
Just a few weeks before his execution, he wrote an essay, on why he is an Atheist. He wrote this essay because, his "friends" thought his atheism is due to "vanity" and his "pride"
In this essay he shares his views and how he feels, right before his death.
The excerpt shows his mindset, his thoughts and the feelings and emotions he is having about the whole idea of atheism and his revolt of Independence.
We all can relate to the points he make in the essay, where he tells about how people think him to be foolish and ignorant for not believing in a deity and how he thinks and his reasoning for not believing in supernatural.

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So, finally we have something.. Maybe in the morning we can have our hands on marshmallow
Happy new year to everyone..! :)

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Help Beethoven arrange his masterpieces in today’s #GoogleDoodle

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...the strong words!

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"Ohh, it's just a theory..."

Shut up! And watch this video

"Ohh, thank-you so much.. Now, I have become one level less dumb"

You're welcome!

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Dude, you heard about.. Science? :O
Link to original post:

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Well the comments surely are difficult to digest.. Have a look here..:P

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For all #deephouse  fans.. try it.. It's a bit different.. but I liked it..;)

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Be together. Not the same.
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