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GREAT NEWS \m/ Mad Hatters Den has been selected into the first round of voting in the band competition of Sweden Rock Festival. Out of the more than 900 bands taking part in the competition, Mad Hatter´s Den has now made it to a group of 135 bands, who continue in the competition. That´s a great achievement by itself – but now we need your help to get even further! 25 bands will be selected for the final voting round.

Starting tomorrow, 17 January, at 9 AM CET (that´s 10.00 Finnish time), we want you to vote for us at least twice each day! Your votes are IP-address specific. Voting from work or a mobile device is probably also possible. To help us even more, you can spread the word by distributing this message. The images and text on this post/announcement can also be shared freely.

The voting ends on 27 January at 17 PM CET (18.00 Finnish time!). It means that you have 10 days to cast your vote, and to spread to word to all who want to see Mad Hatter´s Den at Sweden Rock Festival!

Other bands who have already been confirmed to Sweden Rock include Aerosmith, In Flames, Running Wild, Scorpions, Venom, Warlock, Candlemass, and many, many more.

TO VOTE, follow this link (activated 17 January):


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War Metal Sweden Zine

Score: 4/5

"From the first riff i was spellbound. Totally hooked! I needed to explore this journey more!"

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From Welcome To the Den (2013) album. This is usually very last song at every MHD gig \m/

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Oldie but goldie from our debut album Welcome To the Den (2013)

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9/10 Excelsior Review

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Bit more AOR song from the Excelsior album

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Tribute to Iron Maiden \m/ #nowplaying #mhd # excelsior #ironmaiden

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Last & bit more progressive song from Excelsior album.

Couple new gigs added:

12.8 Dark River Festival, Kotka w/ Korpiklaani, Omnium Gatherum etc.
13.8 Rock Bar Bear, Vantaa
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