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More girls than ever took an AP computer-science exam this year, Seattle nonprofit announced Tuesday, calling the results “incredible.”

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Entire Films Condensed Into A Single Photo
Jason Shulman condenses entire movies into single photos using ultra-long exposures.


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Public Service Announcement: Perhaps the single most important setting in the Chrome browser that isn't set by default is the one displayed below, accessible at: chrome://flags. If you enable this option -- Tab audio muting UI control -- you can mute the audio from an obnoxious tab's site merely by clicking the little speaker icon on the tab that indicates audio is playing. Click again to toggle it back on. You really do want to enable this!


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Ugh, terrible.
"one-fifth of papers with supplementary Excel gene lists contain erroneous gene name conversions."

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Ouch, this is an interesting story and yet painful for the people living in those places.
I do wonder if others in the centre of towns also get it

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sync gdrive to linux...
Insync, the Google Drive syncing client, is free for about the next ~48 hours if you sign up with a Gmail account.

Why would you use this over the official Google Drive client ... it supports Linux. Google themselves haven't provided a Linux client, Insync is multi-platform (Win/Mac/Linux).

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This seems like a useful concept.

R graph gallery is back!

"Women, they found, account for 13 percent of department leaders, while men with moustaches accounted for 19 percent of department leaders."

"We believe that every department and institution should strive for a moustache index [greater than or equal to] 1," Linos and her colleagues say. "There are two ways to achieve this goal: by increasing the number of women or by asking leaders to shave their moustaches. In addition to being discriminatory, the latter choice could have detrimental effects on workplace satisfaction and emotional wellbeing of mustachioed individuals. Deans are left with one option: to hire, retain, and promote more women."

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