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Mad Mar Walker
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Living small expansively. Painting on small boards. Going to free concerts, reading tag sale books. Not traveling. Not eating out. Rarely singing at Open Mics.

Poet, Painter, Singer-Songwriter Inverse Origami - the art of unfolding & Tabernacle of Bees are my poetry chapbooks.  I created the brief lit e-zine Bent Pin Quarterly,  & one album of songs: These Broken Years.


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I doubt if they are terrified since denial is rampant...
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Atlanta anchorwoman clearly speaks truth to prejudice! Go Brenda Wood!!!
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Mad Mar Walker

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Reading the Rise and Fall of the Third Reich. Funny it's not going as fast as the mystery did! Ha!

Mad Mar Walker

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I can't be everywhere, so I just try to be where I am.
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