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1,121 followers - contributor for blogs and social media content, contact if you would like any topics about MadBid covered. contributor for blogs and social media content, contact if you would like any topics about MadBid covered.

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The eagerly awaited #iPhone 6 was launched in mid-September.

Record number sold in launch weekend. It's been snapped up by millions of people so far. 

It offers a larger screen, better display, more processing power, more efficiency to the users and more and more...

The product appears to have been sold out. Distributors and suppliers tackle this excessive demand.

We've started selling iPhone 6 16GB at #MadBid almost at the same time with the market!

Recently, iPhone 6 16GB auction was closed at £168.65. That's amazing, isn't it?

So, don't miss out this opportunity! 

We wanted to remind you that the most recent auction for this product is opening tomorrow. We've got only 2 left in the stocks.

Hurry up! Snap up an iPhone 6 16GB at

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With over 700,000 #auction winners and average #discounts of 89%, you are probably thinking how does #MadBid work?

Well... here is a video that takes you through the #auction process, from bidding in the fun #auctions to delivery of your brand new product.

 If you have any questions, do let us! Feel free to email

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+Jesse Wojdylo perfect caption #funnygif 
How I Feel When a Post Goes Viral on Google+

Yep. Nailed it.

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When I see #Gu   #Cheesecake .....
Shake It Like a Polaroid Picture

Sing along. Shake it, shake, shake, shake, shake it like a polaroid picture. Heeeey ya!

Ok, now that we had some fun, here is an article I wrote a few days ago about the departure of Vic Gundotra and what I think about the future of Google Plus:

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My new skype profile pic, do you like? #cutemonsters   #skype  #feelingpretty 

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Sorry, just had to share this with the world. In 30 seconds this grandma teaches the rude driver a serious lesson #funny #grandma #fail  #awesomeOld Lady Hits Guy's Car

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Today is a day to celebrate, it's predicted to be one of the hottest days and we have a great article coming out on the about the value of credits. 

Also this week we celebrated reaching 5 million #MadBid  customers. I am very proud to be part of the team and hope there will be plenty more customers shopping on the MadBid website. 

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Hello #Friday! Oh how I have missed you! Coldplay - "Mylo Xyloto" - Full Album 

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So simple but funny  #blogging  

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I think on google plus the communities are a lot more interactive and engaging. I think on Facebook it's a lot harder to get any engagement. #facebook #facebookengagement #facebookmarketing  
Why is my content not being reshared across Google+; social media marketing sucks!

Ok! this is what is already happening to many of us that joined Google+ or any other social media platform to improve the visibility of their brands and mostly improve their sale. It's a mere fact that, if your only #socialmediastrategy  is to fight for #followers  (for those on G+, you will engage in massive circle sharing and other followers addition practices). You will gain some or you will even gain as much as possible.

Though, did the mere fact of having a heavy number of followers ensures that your content will be shared and that you will earn the visibility to your #blog , #website  or #brand ? I doubt.

The reality is just across the door: Check your followers count and its impact in terms of +1s and re shares  and compare it to that of anyone that you find successful on any #socialmedia  and let me know the results.
It's obvious that there are people that have around 30.000 followers but at the end of the day, they can't count 20 plus one when they post or re share a content; I call it a failure of the #socialmediastrategy .

Here are some of the problems that are affecting your re share rate if you already have those followers but no one +1d or reshared your content:

1. You are not listening enough to your followers. That is, you are trying to sell at any cost. In fact, we all are consumers (even marketers, as they are marketing heaters). Any consumer would like to feel treated specially and loved before he or she buys.

2. Your #content  is lacking the creative bit. In fact, we all know that the visual aspect improve the coolness feeling of any online shared content. Or the same information can be shared by 5 persons but the creativity of one impacts better. Are you doing that enough?

3. Your content is not solving anyone's problem? Never forget, you can still sell by solving other's problems. If you created a business it's because you knew there is someone that had a need to solve!

4. You are just copying the stuffs from elsewhere that you are sharing. Never mind; this works for a while but once your followers spot it, you become the one that no one cares about what they do.

5. #Followers  don't know what to expect from you. This is one of the most common problems; we end up sharing everything because we want to be viewed as #engaged  users. Believe me, anyone of us has in mind those users that always share nothing good! Don't be one of them

#socialmediamarketingtips   #onlinemarketingtips  
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