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Macy Jones
Doctoral Student, Gamer, eater of mudbugs
Doctoral Student, Gamer, eater of mudbugs

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Why I write introductions first.

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Presented without commentary. 

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I am gobsmacked by how much people have donated. Thank you all, so much!

I thought I would take this time to talk a little bit more about my dissertation. I know that some of you, perhaps, are not familiar with the Federal Theatre Project or the play that I reference on the gofundme page. Let me tell you a little bit about Sinclair Lewis's "It Can't Happen Here."

The premise of the Lewis's ICHH is the probability of America electing a fascist dictator as President. Lewis was inspired to write this story after his wife returned from Germany with terrifying stories of Hitler's rise to power. He mixed the danger of Hitler and the rhetoric of Huey Long to create Buzz Windrip - America's first fascist president. This was the play that the Federal Theatre decided to stage all across the country. 

But Macy, you may be thinking, so what? It's not like anyone was pro-fascist in 1930s America. 

Oh, yes, there were. One the points of my dissertation is that during the 1930s there were active political pro-fascist groups that posed a real threat to the Federal Theatre. Not fringe groups, either - powerful titans of industry supported pro-fascist regimes. To publically ally the Federal Theatre with anti-fascism was a powerful, and controversial, message. 

What happened? Well, you have to read my dissertation to find out. And to read it...I have to finish it. 

Again, thank you all so much for donating. If you can't donate don't feel obligated. I would be just as grateful for shares on social media. 

Love you all!

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In less than 24 hours, I've already raised enough to get a plane ticket to NY. Talk about blessings...

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I'm crowdfunding my archive trips for my dissertation. Every little bit helps!

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I'm actually in three separate RPGs right now.
+Dungeons & Dragons DnD Next Playtest and 4E Eberron 
+13th Age 

Nerd heaven

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One year of bringing geekery to your ear holes:  #dnd #geek #podcast

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