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Mark Friend's profile photo 50 years have passed since the death of Dr. Mad, a physicist known as the greatest genius of the last century. Rumor has it that he uncovered the secret to human prosperity, but passed away before revealing it to the world. In accordance with his last wishes, ...
#escape   #rooms   #puzzles  
The video game culture has propelled the creation of escape rooms, immersive events that require audience members to solve puzzles and influence dramatic outcomes.

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    The Risk Analysis Framework was introduced as a new feature in Splunk App for Enterprise Security 3.1, and provides users with the ability to utilize a ri
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Macy, a semi-related topic: if you wish, let's chat some time re Bayesian updating of risk-estimates (or other judgments based on fuzzy and incomplete data)  ... could be as simple as an odds-multiplier ("Naive Bayes" model) when an event happens, or as complex as a Bayes network (when evidence is interconnected and non-independent) ... some colleagues and I are starting to think about this for an internal research project starting in October ... maybe you & I can brainstorm bits of it?! ... notion in brief is to properly-weight new information as it comes in, and update estimates ... ^z = mark

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Mustang in South Carolina, color changing console and interior is nice.

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I just pledged to back the BMW M4 on you should too :D   #blancfleet   #bmw   #m4  
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+Mark Friend Omg I finally got into the moto360 !!! yes can't way to test it out :D 

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Most popular cars in Europe?
Actually, not bad advice if you are busy, make sure other see you that way as well. #professionalism   #workplace   #job  
Information Scientist
Information Management, Cyber Security, Big Data, Quantified Self
information scientist, experimenting in digital life
Interested in technology and society.Exploring graph connected big Data that drives context aware applications.
Data > Information > Knowledge. 

The Internet is greatest social experiment every conducted, and each of us are scientists and subjects of this endeavor.While we are here let's discover something about ourselves and share that with the rest of our research collaborators; humanity.

I believe the primary use case for the Internet is the breaking down of information silos, the attachment of personal context to knowledge and the creation of the largest library ever imagined. 
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Things British people say and what they actually mean.

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The Risk Analysis Framework was introduced as a new feature in Splunk App for Enterprise Security 3.1, and provides users with the ability t

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Attack of the week: OpenSSL Heartbleed

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I fucking love science

The lighter side of science.

Unfriendly crontab additions | Diary Discussions | Community Forums | SA...

SANS Internet Storm Center - A global cooperative cyber threat / internet security monitor and alert system. Featuring daily handler diaries

Video: Bill Nye explains Earth flyby of Juno spacecraft |

Watch Bill Nye explain why the Juno spacecraft is being routed so close to Earth on October 9, and what the craft will do when it reaches Ju

Wow! what an experience, i came for a session and was very impressed with the artist true art that I encountered. I cannot wait for my next appointment.
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This laundry service is great. I travel for work so I get to try a lot of different services. This one is very nice. Very fast, very methodical and well cared for clothing. I was very happy to get my laundry back on the same day. Hard to find because the outside of the building is old, but don't let that put you off, it's a great laundry service. Central location too! Going there again. My go to DC laundry service.
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I love Prime Limo! They always are on time, early and ready to go when I need them. I have traveled in absolute comfort and relaxation with the team at Prime. So nice and professional. I get in and out of the airport, whisked away in a comfortable luxury sedan. The rates are completely reasonable and an excellent value. Much better than a taxi any day hands down. Don't book another car until you try Prime. I have been able to make it through all of the hectic Boston traffic without any worry. They have a completely online system, so I can set my reservations up without any calls, and save all my addresses and credit cards in the system without a problem. The whole service from start to finish has been such an easy experience I can honestly say I would never get in a Taxi in Boston again. Ride with Prime! Totally happy customer here. Will use them for all my in/out of Boston travel needs.
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