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Do you have an older computer that runs slow?
Come to us before considering buying a new one.
If you have an Apple computer, we can probably save you a thousand dollars or more!

We just upgraded an iMac that was running so slowly it was practically useless. We installed a Solid State Drive (SSD) and it was a huge success!. The computer now runs lightning fast.

(SSD's used to be prohibitively expensive, but they've come down in price significantly in recent months.)

So... we replaced his old drive with an SSD, installed OS X Yosemite, and imported all his programs, files and settings. Now, instead of taking several minutes to start, it loads up in 20 seconds flat! And Safari, Chrome, Office applications, etc, all open up in less than 2 seconds.

We saved him over a thousand dollars! And his computer now runs way faster than it did out of the box. In fact it runs faster than most new Macs. (Unless they come pre-installed with an SSD.)

Call us and get it done for yourself. We're standing by to help.

Thank you.

Tony, David and Michael´╗┐

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