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Maciej Wilczyński
Programer, blogger, editor (in chief), musician. Android maniac with an apple on his computer.
Programer, blogger, editor (in chief), musician. Android maniac with an apple on his computer.

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Hey guys,

I'm creating an app that heavily relies on displaying an interactive HTML5 site. However, the app needs to run on 4.0.3+ devices, and the Chrome 36-based WebView is only included in Android L. Even Android 4.4's WebView is too old to run my app smoothly.

I've tried the ChromeView library. However, I'm not able to update it to the latest Chromium's code because the files structure has changed and also not all Chromium's methods match ChromeView's wrapper anymore.

What do you guys think I should do?


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Google znowu szaleje ;-).

/via @tomasekpl na Twitterze

“Hi Maciej,

We wanted to let you know that our security team has detected suspicious log-in activity on your account. We’ve reset your password as a security precaution. This was caused by usernames and passwords, obtained through security breaches of other sites, being used to access Dropbox accounts.”

Osz cholera. 

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Płyta z autografem do wygrania na Moosic!

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Dear Galaxy Nexus Whiners...

Please shut up.

No, seriously. I would like to humbly request that you, owners of Galaxy Nexus devices, sworn Holo Warriors and faithful followers of the Light of Duarte please, if you will, shut right. the hell. up.

We get it. You want Android 4.4 on your device because of reasons. Never mind that more and more of the new features coming out are going to Play Services (1) or just separate Google apps. Never mind that the bulk of the cool new toys that aren't going to roll out to the Play Store eventually—Hangouts is on its way, the launcher is rumored to follow, and you can download APKs for both right now—are minor things like "Now it's slightly easier to access the status bar while playing Angry Birds" and "You can record your screen if you hook your phone up to a computer and use a complicated command line tool." and "Some icons are white now." No, you want—nay, need this update to be rolled out to your two-year-old device now, and it is Google's responsibility to do the legwork on this because, a long time ago, you bought a device for an absurd discount below what similar phones on the market were sold for.

How. dare. they?

You are not special. You do not "deserve" updates more than anyone else solely because you bought a Nexus device. You will probably get them sooner and more often than people with other phones, but please note that no one ever made a promise for how long you would receive them. You'll get them first (2), but not infinitely. Google vaguely hinted at the intention to provide updates for 18 months a while ago but, you'll notice, the alliance with manufacturers and carriers that came along with that goal fizzled and disappeared. The 18 months rule is a guideline, but not canon. Nevertheless, your phone has still been supported for at least that long.

But that's not enough for you. Because if you got five friggin' years of updates, you'd still whine. That's what it's all about. Some new thing is out and you just have to have it. It must be given to you, regardless of what it is. You won't care that you can just go download most of the cool new crap right now (3). Hell, when you finally accept that Google won't do it, you'll start making the same demands from volunteer developers, because nothing matters but your personal satisfaction.

And you know what? I can totally sympathize with you. I have a Galaxy Nexus. Hell, I have a Sprint variant and I had to give up on the hope of updates a long time ago because CDMA Nexus devices are second-class citizens that might get the scraps off a carrier's plate if we're lucky. It's not like I don't have room to complain right there with you.

But a petition? Really? (4) This is ludicrous guys. And for those who don't feel like scrolling to the bottom, let me highlight the good parts: 18,000—that's eighteen thousand_—people signed a petition to _demand Google provide them with KitKat for no other reason than they want it. For free. Someone also took the time to print those signatures out and will physically mail it to Google.

Meanwhile, here's a petition calling for the end to drone strikes that kill civilians in foreign countries (warning: disturbing imagery): It has a mere 1,023 signatures. No one is printing it out or mailing it anywhere.

If you don't like that your phone isn't going to receive a particular feature, fine. If you think that it could receive it and that Google's just making crap up to get out of doing it, okay! You can have your opinion. No one's saying you can't. But please, for the love of crap, stop acting like Google (or anyone) owes you something for free.

You're paying a comparatively minuscule cost for a miracle device and you got eighteen months of completely free updates that added a metric ton of features that you didn't pay a cent for. And you're continuing to get new features and updates via other methods like Play Services, which Google has been working relentlessly on so that you don't need to get left out in the cold just because you don't have an OS update. You are not left behind, you're not abandoned, and your device is not part of some "planned obsolescence" scheme. Stop acting like Google ripped you off by not topping off all this incredible development and free software with a blowjob and a "Thank you, sir."


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Pewnie słyszeliście o funkcji Drummer w nowym GarageBand. W skrócie: GB automatycznie tworzy ścieżkę perkusyjną na podstawie ustawionych preferencji. Wziąłem więc multitracka utworu, na którym najbardziej lubię eksperymentować, wyciszyłem ścieżki perkusyjne (na screenie: Kick, SnCm, CmSn), podzieliłem utwór na części i wrzuciłem Kyle'a. Czemu akurat jego? Bo to jest ten, który jest dostępny w darmowej wersji GB. Wersja Andersa pasowała mi trochę bardziej, ale chciałem pokazać możliwości tego darmowego narzędzia. Tak wygląda mój workspace:, tak brzmi oryginał: Shinedown - Junkies for Fame [Lyrics], a tak brzmi ten utwór z automatyczną perkusją Kyle'a: 

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