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I give you my IITC plugin: Self location :-)

Self location tracker works best on a mobile device. Obviously ;-).

Basically this plugin shows your position on the map. It can also show your tracks on the map when you move (trace of previous locations). This should allow you to see where you are heading even if your compass doesn't work well (or doesn't work at all).

Latest version will now also integrate with the distance-to-portal plugin and give accurate location.

This plugin was designed to work in Firefox Mobile (with Tampermonkey), but I guess it could work with IITC app too.

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Hi. I've made an IITC plugin: Magnus builder tracker.

Basically can be used to select portals which you've already captured for the Magnus Builder medal. You can also select individual resonators if you want to be really accurate ;-)

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Bug or some secret code? Maybe Ada getting through? 😉

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Hi. So most of you probably know Pokemon GO DB. Nice Pokedex and DPS (damage per second) listed for all atacks... Problem is it doesn't scale on mobile devices and finding something in long tables can be hard... but fear not! ;-)

I've made mods to add filtering to tables and make a smartphone friendly style of the page. Here are the scripts and instructions:

PS: Mobile version only works for Mobile Firefox. AFAIK Chrome on mobile doesn't allow any addons so that doesn't work. Not sure about other mobile browser.

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6 godzin 15 minut #roweremLepiej ;-)
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#actualGameplayFootage 😉
P.S.: yes, there is a portal near by 😀

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Hi. I'd like to share with you my keyhunt plugin. It assist hunting keys from certain areas (like from your home city or anomaly sites or whatever your up to ;-)).

Effectively allows to tick a portal for which you have a key. Switch to "keyhunt" highlighter (included in this plugin) to show in red which keys you are still missing (the portal for which you haven't entered data yet will be orange, other will be green).

It works both on desktop and mobile version and you can use standard "sync" plugin to share data between your devices.

Use keyhunt plugin with "portals-list" plugin to quickly tick many portals on a list.

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Empty triangles how-to ;-)

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You never know where you will find a couch portal 😉

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EN: With best wishes for 2016 from 3city (Poland) here is our sitrep from XF fieldart. Enjoy and have a good one :-).

PL: Przesyłamy życzenia wszystkiego dobrego w 2016 z Trójmiasta i zapraszamy na krótki film z XF fieldart. Na zdrowie i do siego roku :-).

#sitrep #Poland #3city #fieldart #IngressReport

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