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What was the first console you ever owned?
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comment sniping (:
ATARI 2600 FTW ! ! ! yes I'm old school like that....
Nintendo Game Boy... The very first which needed 4 battery :-)
an analog computer playing 'Tennis for Two'
just kidding
Commodore Amiga 500 when I was 4 y/o. Found one some years ago and still am enjoying the games, 22 years later :D
Some handheld tetris game .. if that counts as a console. Otherwise, 
Visual Boy Advance .. :P
Pong. Didnt get an Atari or Intellivision until I wore out the Pong.
Nintendo 64. Played Turok a lot and sold the console soon after. 
gamecube still play it to this day :)
n64 and i just got another one its so fun
Zelda,james Bond and Resi Evil were best versions ever on this console
Yes upgraded to Dreamcast then gone but N64 was best zelda and Bond
Did you upgrade to N64 and Dremcast or go the playstation road?
Pong, the stand alone thing with two "paddles" attached and an on/off switch.
O yea and don't forget Crash Team Racing on the ps1. That was my childhood.
Afraid i was a Teken fan but had bash too
Yea and biack and white and could'nt hit ball half the time and crashed half way through but everone wanted one as only option moneywise at that time
SNES. Trained me up good on Street Fighter II
Sega Genesis!!! Genesis does! You can't do this on Nintendo.
Nintendo entertainment system NES
Atari 2600 was my first "console", ZX Spectrum was the first machine I played games on.
does ZX spectrum count as a console? ;) I never owned a real game console, only pc's.
Gameboy colour, was 8 at the time, gold got MANY hours lol.
PlayStation 1, then 2, then Xbox 360
GameBoy Advance, the original one, not the SP with the lit screen.
Nintendo entertainment system
I think it was either the gameboy advance or the GameCube :3
Nintendo entertainment system
Sega Master System II, with Alex Kid: Miracle World built inside
Atari 2600, still have it and it still works....
+Shea Docherty isn't he the best uncle? LOL. I still think it's his fault i have such awkward social skills, (sigh) good times.
The Playstaion, man they were the good old days :3
Nintendo but it was before the GameCube and I think it was the bird controller thing oh I don't know I don't have it anymore since the good systems came out.
GameCube when Nintendo was still good 
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