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We like this... fix and repair all the way :)
My Macbook fans need replacing. Replacing a fan is not that hard. has a good guide on how to do that ( I can also order the fans there. But are they the same fans Apple uses? Or cheap knock-offs? I have no idea. So I did some calling around, learned that Apple doesn't sell separate fans, but someone at Apple pointed me to an official repair shop in Amsterdam that might be able to sell separate fans. They're not. Apple won't allow it. I can bring my Macbook, but it's going to take 3 days.

I tried to get a Genius Bar appointment (which apparently involves getting called by an unintelligible robot), and it turns out it takes 3-5 days there. No on-the-spot repairs.

So back to ifixit. Turns out the left fan is out of stock. They also have a European site, but they don't sell these fans at all. But ifixit does sound really nice. They've got an actual Repair Manifesto:

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Having login problems or are your saved passwords no longer accepted? You could have a dodgy Keychain. Do you know what to do next?

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Mac Malware and Virus threats are on the increase. Do you know how to protect your Apple computer? Check out our post for information:
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