Inside the tech and time that goes into continuous delivery platforms

From +O'Reilly's latest Velocity Podcast:

+Mike Hendrickson chats with +Schlomo Schapiro, a Systems Architect at ImmobilienScout24, and a Velocity Europe committee member. This conversation centers mostly on building a continuous delivery platform. Schlomo has some interesting insights into how to deploy a platform that delivers 24x7.

The conversation lasted 00:11:15 and if you want to pinpoint any particular topic, you can find the specific timing below. Schlomo talks a little about ImmobilienScout24, the tech stack they use, and his role at about 40 seconds into the conversation. The rest of the conversation is outlined below.

Can you explain what a continuous delivery platform embodies? 00:01:37

What role can DevOps play with a continuous delivery platform? 00:03:29

How do you demonstrate the business value in building a continuous delivery platform and that it is working? 00:04:40

What does a typical stack for a continuous delivery platform look like? 00:05:42

What kind of of organizational changes are needed for a continuous delivery platform? 00:06:46

What does the technical stack look like for a continuous delivery platform? 00:07:49

So an open source stack is the way you would build a continuous delivery platform? 00:08:52

Are we going to see you at Velocity in Santa Clara in June and London in October? 00:10:20

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