We'll be running our first workshop on Monday the 8th of October at the +HoxtonHotel Shoreditch in #London , a master-class on _ iOS Sensors and External Hardware_.

Come and learn about how to make best use of the internal sensors in your #iPhone  and #iPad , and how to connect your #iOS  device to the real world using the Redpark TTL Serial Cable for iOS and the +Arduino micro-controller board, from +Alasdair Allan.

+Alasdair Allan is the author of +Learning iOS Programming, +Basic Sensors in iOS, +iOS Sensor Apps with Arduino and other titles, all published by +O'Reilly.

You'll take away with you an +Arduino Uno board, a Redpark TTL Serial Cable for #iOS, and everything you need to connect your #iPhone to your new micro-controller. You'll also receive a copy of Alasdair's books +Basic Sensors in iOS and +iOS Sensor Apps with Arduino.

This is a great opportunity to go hands on with #Xcode  with the man the wrote the book. Early bird pricing running through till the 1st of September, get 30% off.
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