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Mac hung out. <a class='ot-hashtag' href=''>#hangoutsonair</a>
Test hangout for recording
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Mac Slocum

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Yes, please.
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I want this :)
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Mac Slocum

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Looking for data and health tech writers

Interested in writing about data or health tech (or data and health tech)? O'Reilly is looking for contributors. Ping me at for details.
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Mac Slocum

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We'll be running our first workshop on Monday the 8th of October at the +HoxtonHotel Shoreditch in #London , a master-class on _ iOS Sensors and External Hardware_.

Come and learn about how to make best use of the internal sensors in your #iPhone  and #iPad , and how to connect your #iOS  device to the real world using the Redpark TTL Serial Cable for iOS and the +Arduino micro-controller board, from +Alasdair Allan.

+Alasdair Allan is the author of +Learning iOS Programming, +Basic Sensors in iOS, +iOS Sensor Apps with Arduino and other titles, all published by +O'Reilly.

You'll take away with you an +Arduino Uno board, a Redpark TTL Serial Cable for #iOS, and everything you need to connect your #iPhone to your new micro-controller. You'll also receive a copy of Alasdair's books +Basic Sensors in iOS and +iOS Sensor Apps with Arduino.

This is a great opportunity to go hands on with #Xcode  with the man the wrote the book. Early bird pricing running through till the 1st of September, get 30% off.
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Mac Slocum

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Mac Slocum

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Facing a huge data problem? Try Data Jujitsu

Data Jujitsu combines clean data, strong user experience, and clever
and iterative testing to solve data problems that once seemed
intractable. +DJ Patil explores the components and applications of Data Jujitsu in this report.

Download the free report (PDF, EPUB, Mobi):

Read it online:

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Mac Slocum

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Mac Slocum originally shared:
Curiosity turned loose on GitHub data

+Ilya Grigorik built a system that lets him efficiently track GitHub projects. He worked with GitHub to archive public GitHub activity, and he then made that data available in raw form and through Google BigQuery. This is a fun project, no doubt, but it's also a big deal.

He discusses his project and its surprising results in this interview.

Related story: 

#bigdata   #strataconf   #github   #dataproject  
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text 9737220298
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Mac Slocum

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I just wrote a long post for LinkedIn's launch of new social blogging features, which was inspired by watching a bunch of marketing folks trying to come to grips with the new rules of marketing via social media. It contains advice based on our history at +O'ReillyMedia.
I recently attended an event with a large number of advertising executives. All of them are coming to grips with the change from the era of push media to the era of social media, which might
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hi long time to chart with you l hope every thing is alright thanks for your idea l hope you will make it.

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Mac Slocum

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"The Omega Glory," a short essay by Michael Chabon about the Long Now Foundation and its vision for the future (or The Future), is one of the best things I've ever read.

The piece was published in Details Magazine in 2006. My only regret is that I didn't find this sooner. 

As a parent -- and someone who tends to default to optimism -- the final paragraph really hit home:

"When I told my son about the Clock of the Long Now, he listened very carefully, and we looked at the pictures on the Long Now Foundation’s website. 'Will there really be people then, Dad?' he said. 'Yes,' I told him without hesitation, 'there will.' I don’t know if that’s true, any more than do Danny Hillis and his colleagues, with the beating clocks of their hopefulness and the orreries of their imaginations. But in having children — in engendering them, in loving them, in teaching them to love and care about the world — parents are betting, whether they know it or not, on the Clock of the Long Now. They are betting on their children, and their children after them, and theirs beyond them, all the way down the line from now to 12,006. If you don’t believe in the Future, unreservedly and dreamingly, if you aren’t willing to bet that somebody will be there to cry when the Clock finally, ten thousand years from now, runs down, then I don’t see how you can have children. If you have children, I don’t see how you can fail to do everything in your power to ensure that you win your bet, and that they, and their grandchildren, and their grandchildren’s grandchildren, will inherit a world whose perfection can never be accomplished by creatures whose imagination for perfecting it is limitless and free. And I don’t see how anybody can force me to pay up on my bet if I turn out, in the end, to be wrong."

The full essay is here:
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He really sticks it to the man with that last haymaker of a sentence. I'm sure we all think about the future and what we need to do to get there at some point in our lives. But I am enamored by Chabon's ability to unapologetically crystallize the abstraction of distant futures, which, as he so explicitly points out, are often tarnished by people's failure to say "why not?" I'll fight under Longnow's battle-standard anyday.
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Mac Slocum

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Today on the +O'Reilly Radar I'm talking about #datamining  the astronomical literature, +NASA's ADS,  #bigdata  and the #openaccess debate in academia.

I also interviewing +Robert Simpson on the work that he, +Sarah Kendrew and +Karen Masters did during the #hackday  the +.Astronomy meeting at the +Haus der Astronomie earlier in the year, and the interesting results he's got since.
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Mac Slocum

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Why a direct channel is always worth it

From +Chad Dickerson's post on AVC:

"It has never been easier to tell your own story and talk about your company directly with the people you want to reach. Talking to the media is good, too, but traditional media outlets have their own publishing schedules, editing quirks, and editorial voices, so you should always keep a direct channel open.

"On a purely pragmatic level, communicating directly gives candidates a deeper sense of what your company is trying to do and they come into the process knowing what your company is all about, often self-selecting to your mission. I've found that this takes the recruiting process up a level."

Swap "candidates" for "the audience" and this advice still applies.

(Via +Mary Treseler)

Chad is the CEO of Etsy and I think I'll skip the intro because this post speaks for itself. ------------------------------------ Recruiting & Culture When Fred asked me to write a guest blog ...
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Mac Slocum

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The Clothesline Paradox, bad information, and the danger of misleading graphs

If you haven't read Steve Baer's short essay, "The Clothesline Paradox," you should ( I found it liberating.

The piece focuses on the hidden / untracked benefits of solar energy, but the core concepts have broad application.

Here's a couple parts that stood out to me:

"If you take down your clothes line and buy an electric clothes dryer the electric consumption of the nation rises slightly. If you go in the other direction and remove the electric clothes dryer and install a clothesline the consumption of electricity drops slightly, but there is no credit given anywhere on the charts and graphs to solar energy which is now drying the clothes.

"The poor old sun is badly mistreated by such graphs. In the first place the obvious should be pointed out; that coal, oil and natural gas are all solar energy products stored ages ago by photosynthesis, and hydroelectric power is solar energy no older than the weather patterns which dropped the precipitation flowing through the turbines.

The graphs which demonstrate a huge dependence on fossil fuels are fine in one respect. They are alarming. But they are very bad in another respect. They are misleading. Misleading to such an extent that they blind people to obvious answers and prime them to a  frenzy of effort in poor directions. Attention given to such graphs and charts trains people to attempt to deliver what is shown in these accounting systems rather than what is needed." [Emphasis added]

I also love this phrase from later in the essay:

"narrow minded quantification"

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