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Spend the past weekend working on what a material music streaming website could be like (Soundcloud logo is just a placeholder). There's a lot going on here but I tried to keep it clean. Followed the material guidelines as much as possible, but I put my own touch to it. Let me know what you think!

Share it wherever you want, just credit and tag me, I want to hear all the thoughts!
Oh and I'm looking to get invited to Dribbble! ;)
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+Sanket Panda never used it so I don't really know. But I think Illustrator gives you much more freedom. Though for basic ideas and quick mockups Axure might work better. It's just that I have been working in Illustrator for over 5 years now, so I can make things really quick and I know pretty much there is to know about it
+Maarten Corpel do you have a link to a quick crash course on Illustrator? I'd love to be able to make something like this 
Nice ! Send me your dribbble account if you still need an invite.
If I can, I would love to make this into a working Chrome App! (I would still need to study how to make media players work, but this would be a hit!)
+Christopher Bravata I just started writing the HTML/CSS. I'm gonna look how far I can take this. If I ever need any help I'll let you know ;)
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