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We all know Sony is evil incarnate.  They petitioned Senators to install private cinemas in Embassies to bribe "high level officials" into "protecting our interests" by seeing their "quality content" at 165.000$ per cinema.  They called Senators and Prime Ministers to convince them that making a "private copy" of your movie disc should be illegal.  They are actively pushing to remove "fair use" from the TPP.  There's emails of them actively searching for hidden ways of doing funding political decisions.

And if you were wondering why Netflix has a massive movie catalogue across the world but only lets you play a select few, why it insists on installing viruses on your computer before letting you watch a movie, you can thank Sony and its license terms, again.

If any of you are still convinced about the theory that companies that do terrible things will be punished by the market, then you will not pay a single Sony product, movie or song from here on out.  If you agree with me that market democracy is bullshit and doesn't work, we need to write our legislators en-masse and demand that they insist companies to stop raping us.
The Wikileaks release of tens of thousands of Sony documents includes revelations about opposition to the copyright treaty for the blind, political fundraising, concerns about fair use in treaties, strategies to fund screening rooms in embassies to create a stronger will to protect studio interests, and personal calls to Prime Ministers (UK Prime Minister Cameron in this case) regarding the copyright law. The documents also show that Sony lobbied...
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Heed the great Cow Guru.
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The Surveillance State Repeal Act is a new bill proposed in the House which would "get rid of all parameters of the Patriot Act, reform the secret FISA court, prevent the creation of secret "backdoors" in software and create protections for whistleblowers."
The Surveillance State Repeal Act would overhaul spying laws like no other NSA reform effort.
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This just in: Turns out, homeopathy doesn't actually do anything.

That's a lie: They're very effective, in fact, they're just as effective as placebo's.  Just more expensive.

If you're consuming an average homeopathic remedy of the 30C scale as advocated by Hahnemann for most purposes, this would require giving two billion doses per second to six billion people for 4 billion years to deliver a single molecule of the original material to a single patient.  But you'd be giving a lot of people a lot of placebo and plenty of them may end up feeling better for it!
After a years-long review of hundreds of studies, Australia’s top medical research agency has concluded that homeopathy is essentially useless for treating any medical condition.
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"Freedom, the fatuous jingle of our civilization. But only those of us deprived of it have an inkling of what it really is." -David Mitchell
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Today is our 35th  Anniversary, and also the walk on Selma.To have the right to vote, as well as all the rights that any humans should have.  We  have come far.... just not far enough !
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Lenovo making a tool to wipe its Superfish hack off of its laptops.  "The feedback from users was that it wasn’t useful, and that’s why we turned it off"  -- Wait - you're wiping it because "users said it wasn't useful"?!  No.  That is the wrong answer.  You still don't get it, do you, Lenovo?
Lenovo’s chief technology officer, Peter Hortensius, acknowledged that "we didn’t do enough" due diligence before installing Superfish, but that the company doesn’t believe laptop owners were harmed by the app.
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This is a pretty good introduction to what enables the most controversial spying in the US and what trivially easy thing Americans can do to put a stop to it.
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+Douglas Rehfeldt It's great to know that a majority of Congress don't care about our rights and want to extend Section 215.
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Let's talk about the NSA's DIKPIC program.
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President of Bell Media, Kevin Crull, ordered the CTV to ban the chairman of the CRTC from news coverage.

The CRTC is currently doing a major overhaul of regulations in the media world, evaluating whether cable subscriptions are overpriced and how online services such as Netflix should be handled.  The latest news is not in favour of traditional media giants such as Bell Media, but if the president of CTV News felt she might be fired if she didn't meddle in the representation of truth a little, you know something's wrong.

There is a trend of corruption and bad policy coming from Bell.  I highly recommend anyone still choosing to ship them money monthly to reconsider and jump ship.
The Globe and Mail's James Bradshaw reports that Bell Media President Kevin Crull banned CTV media properties from including CRTC Chair Jean Pierre Blais in coverage of the recent TalkTV decisions. The report indicates that Crull ordered the head of CTV News to stop including Blais in coverage following an interview on BNN, which led to the cancellation of an interview with Don Martin and dropping him from local news stories (he was included in t...
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I have long sought a truly insightful explanation of why some truly smart people align conservative.  This is probably the best I've found so far.

"Conservatism, I strongly believe, is not a bad word or a bad ideal. It is, however, a term misunderstood. Those who label themselves conservative today seem most often not to be conservative at all. They have, in reality, a highly radicalized agenda, one set on taking us backwards. It is that direction which seems to imply conservatism, but it shouldn’t. Radicality lacks a vector, and should be known only through the severity of its proposed changes. To roll us back to a time when religion alone led us, to a time when white skin alone defined the rules, to a time when only the few owned nearly everything, is radical and not, axiomatically, conservative."
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Another good website for opting out of online ad tracking.
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"There is a natural order to this world, and those who try to upend it do not fare well."
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A perfectionist idealist with an appreciation for quality, design, elegance, simplicity and security.
I'm currently employed at Tristan Interactive as a software developer where I'm working on changing the way people experience museums and similar events thanks to their own modern mobile devices.

I'm also a sole proprietor in my startup Lyndir, which focuses on iOS and web development.  I've created Master PasswordGorillas and DeBlock on the iPhone, and am working on social applications for sharing your pictures (snaplog) and wishes (
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House effort would completely dismantle Patriot Act

The Surveillance State Repeal Act would overhaul spying laws like no other NSA reform effort.

- Chasing Glenn Beck - Because I’m a Conservative

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Homeopathy won't cure you, researchers conclude

After a years-long review of hundreds of studies, Australia’s top medical research agency has concluded that homeopathy is essentially usele

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