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I actually really like this video.
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+Maarten Billemont Thank you!
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Australians, you have lost all my respect; in particular since you probably have no clue nor do you care that you are now as bad as Russia and Turkey in censorship.  Your attempt at democracy is a mockery.
Since our report last week on Australia's Internet censorship bill, the bill did indeed pass the Senate yesterday, and will become the Copyright Amendment (Online Infringement) Act 2015. The new law provides an accelerated process for rightsholders to obtain court orders for ISPs to block sites that have the primary purpose of infringing copyright, or “facilitating” its infringement—a term that the law does not define.
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Use Facebook?  Better learn Californian law, too.  Because you're now under Californian jurisdiction and the rights and protections given to you by your own government don't apply.
One week after the B.C. Court of Appeal ruled that it could order Google to remove websites from its global index, the same court (but different judges) ruled that a privacy class action lawsuit against Facebook could not proceed in the province because the Facebook terms and conditions provide that all disputes must be resolved in a court in Santa Clara, California. The decision should provide a wake-up call to users and policy makers because an...
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Letter from Prime Minister Stephen Harper to Music Canada telling them he's caving on increasing the copyright term from 50 to 70 years after the artist's death "to ensure (dead) artists are fairly compensated".  A move that robs a country of 20 years worth of culture and has a terrible impact on the economy of music that other governments have researched for years was decided completely behind closed doors and without any public consultation.  Who needs democracy when you can have corporate lobbies?
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Just from watching sensationalist or violent news, people start exhibiting symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).  Which might help explain how the recent trend of all news you see turns us all into frightened little bunnies all too eager to give excessive authority to policing agencies.
The potential effect of the news on levels of stress and anxiety.
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Sensationalist media also polarizes audiences, breaking populations into smaller groups which are more easily managed. The worst effect is that people who are separated from each other lose the capacity to empathize or experience compassion for one another. The end result is that "those other people" no longer seem human enough to care about.
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Good job, you guys!  You shut down NSA phone surveillance when you let the Patriot Act expire!  Too bad you also have a secret surveillance court which has re-enacted the NSA program.
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Just because; some Weird Al perspective once in a while is healthy.
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New proposals in the US would ban articles on both encryption and fire-arms that haven't been pre-approved by the government.  Fun fact: if these laws had existed in 1940, NAZI Germany would likely have been the one in control of the Manhatten project instead of the US, since Einstein would never have seen the Hahn - Strassmann paper.
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Thanks to the Conservatives and Liberals in Canada, it is now illegal to say anything that may sound supportive of terrorism in Canada.  This rule is so broad, that this comment of mine is probably a crime.  Thanks, Canada.  I thought you were better than this.
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So, Canada was first with this not so unexpected next step in dismounting the Fundamental Freedoms of Msn. The Key issue is Terrorism in the word's modern interpretation. With The 2. WW terrorism was conducted by states and military commanders, Guernics, Hamburg and Dresden. In The 70s the focus shifted from state terror to terror on statrs and their institutions. We will all face the development of the concept of democracy unlrsss protected by strong Bill of Rights. It seems that the US Americsns are better equipped in this respect thsn the Canadians, in spite of the latters more diversified political institutions (imagine liberals and conservatives adopting a Bill together). I only wonder if the broad scope of this Bill is limited by the term "in Canada", likd when an Alien supports sonething overseas which in Canada is considered synonymous to terrorisms.
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Encryption is the difference to being able to say whatever you want on Twitter and being able to say whatever you want with 5 beefy policemen in your room watching and noting down everything you're doing.  *Now* tell me which one you'd prefer.
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Thousands are gathering at a Senator's house near you this Friday during sunset, to wave a phone showing the words "SUNSET THE PATRIOT ACT", as Senators go out to vote "No." on renewing the most invasive legal act in recent American history.  Joining your fellow citizens in making a stand for your personal freedom is a rare and fulfilling experience not to be missed.
Congress is deciding this week. Ask your lawmakers to take a stand!
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A perfectionist idealist with an appreciation for quality, design, elegance, simplicity and security.
I'm currently employed at Tristan Interactive as a software developer where I'm working on changing the way people experience museums and similar events thanks to their own modern mobile devices.

I'm also a sole proprietor in my startup Lyndir, which focuses on iOS and web development.  I've created Master PasswordGorillas and DeBlock on the iPhone, and am working on social applications for sharing your pictures (snaplog) and wishes (
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