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Maarten Billemont (lhunath)
A perfectionist idealist with an appreciation for quality, design, elegance, simplicity and security.
A perfectionist idealist with an appreciation for quality, design, elegance, simplicity and security.
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I would like to call on everyone, even if you do not use a VPN yourself, to stand up for your friends and family on the Internet, PRINT OUT the open letter at and POST IT by mail to #Netflix

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Might as well keep going and make the point plain and obvious to those who might have missed it.

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"The essential idea of the price mechanism is that both parties of a transaction can benefit PROVIDED it is VOLUNTARY and not COERCED"

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Facebook employees are actually considering wielding the Facebook hammer of fate to prevent a person from being elected president. What's worse, they are fully within their right to doing so.

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Not at all remniscent of current political demands to create a backdoor in all our software that can only ever be used for "good" reasons.

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So: Secretary Clinton would like the American voter to believe that Bernie Sanders is anti-immigrant, anti-auto-worker, deregulates financial markets when given half a chance, and is cozy with the Koch brothers. (See share, and yes, it's the Washington Post; go figure.)

Now if we could count on American voters to properly inform themselves, I would laugh and say: good luck with that. But in reality, this will probably score her a few points.

And let's be real here: this kind of dirty trick -- twisting the opponent's record -- is on page one of the U.S. political playbook. A lot of people are impugning Clinton's character in a way that implies this is somehow unique to her. Not even close.

But it is notable that (a) it seems to be her main avenue of attack against him in the debates, and (b) Bernie does not seem to use this tactic against her. That is a very interesting situation that I think people should always sit up and take notice of.

I think her approach to the debates betrays an inner belief that the real Bernie Sanders is who voters really want. What other reason could she have for doing it? And this confuses me. With the size of her lead, and everything she has going for her, can her confidence in her own qualifications and her own message really be so weak?

By contrast, Sanders couldn't be bothered to attack Clinton in this way, even if it could score him some votes. That is interesting, yes?

But here's where it gets especially interesting. Take one of Clinton's attacks against Sanders of this sort. Suppose that it lands, and ends up tipping the nationwide balance eeever so slightly, and gains her "N" additional votes in the primary.

Well, that same attack also has another effect. It further alienates Sanders supporters. And another balance gets tipped eeever so slightly. That is the "M" additional voters who, should Clinton win the nomination, will just stay home on November 8.

Now, we have no idea what the values of "M" and "N" are, no idea if they're bigger than a bread box, or which one is larger. But fundamentally, Hillary Clinton is making a trade. She is trading away votes for the Democrat in the general election, in favor of votes for herself in the primary.

And that suggests she is more afraid of a President Sanders than of a President Trump.

1. Why?

2. Does this strategy scare you at all?

[Note: I delete comments that I consider off-topic. I welcome on-topic comments that disagree with me, even when they reveal me to be a buffoon. I cherish your right to Free Speech, but my posts are not the place where you have that.]

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Calling on you: Do you use Netflix? Do you disagree with a company forcing you to chose between protecting your personal belongings or receiving entertainment?

Take a stand: start a live chat session with Netflix and post your chat transcript here for all to see.

Here is mine:

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