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The "Bradford Monk".

When I first arrived at college in Bradford in 1985 I used to see this chap walking around the city in his sandals and monk's habit. Whatever the weather, you'd spot him in all kinds of places, and he'd always offer a smile and a wave.

He was, even in those days a local legend and he continued to be an enigmatic local character and in many ways an inspiration to many until his passing in August last year at the age of 88.

His real name was Geoffrey Brindley and there's a very nice site dedicated to him that's hosted and authored by +MaFt Morley at

He's pictured here at the Drummond Road Picket where a demonstration and picket line were established in protest at controversial comments on race and integration that had been made by  local school Headmaster Ray Honeyford. 

#ShotonFilm  with an Olympus OM1 with Ilford FP4. I probably developed this myself in the college darkrooms.

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Mini-MaFt (age 10) and I both enjoyed this although Miss-Mini-MaFt (age 8) didn't want to see it as she thought the trailer was a little too scary. I know exactly what you mean though with regards to most films being 12A these days - I honestly can't remember the last PG film we went to see as a family.

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+Chris Lowry​ you might like this :)

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Tonight's film with the kids. The 'classic'(!) Straight-to-TV Disney film 'Pants on Fire':

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Series 1 of this is really good :D  Worth a watch, BBC3 do some great comedy!

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Part 1 of my guest post for World Autism Awareness Week #waaw

In the previous week's show I mentioned I had started watching 'Community' on Netflix. After about 8episodes I am happy to report that it's probably the funniest series I've seen in a long time!

Thought I'd add my tuppence to +Alexander Fox's review of 'Safety Not Guaranteed'. I kind of agree that it could have been much better, but I enjoyed it. It certainly wasn't the greatest film but I have no regrets for watching it!

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Good film - watched this last night :D
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