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Do you host with a cloud service?
Thanks to +Makis Mourelatos for the heads up for those on Amazon EC2, Rackspace, and Linode servers.
Heads up:
Xen security issue prompts Amazon, Rackspace and Linode cloud reboots.
Amazon Web Services and Rackspace are warning their customers of upcoming reboots they’re taking to address a new Xen hypervisor security issue. In a premium support bulletin issued Thursday night, Amazon said fewer than 10 percent of all EC2 instances will require work but the affected instances must be updated by March 10. also notified customers…
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It's good to see them taking such actions. Reboots are necessary from time to time just like windows / Mac require update reboots.
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Tips Tuesday – Rash of Hack Attacks, Sales Funnel Clarity, Mobile-Friendly Ranking
Read or listen:

Tips this week include:
- re-launch of a hacked site
- what’s behind sites acting goofy and rash of attacks
- 5 things to check on your site right now
- new visual editor in the WordPress App and why not to use it
- a clearer view of term splitting coming in WordPress 4.2
- site and internet tech trends over the last year
- demystifying the sales and purchase funnels
- converting on every page of your site
- mobile friendly officially becomes a ranking factor
- how to test your site for mobile and performance

Thanks to +Darren Rowse, +Yvonne Perry, +Kimberly Brink-Castleberry, +Michelle Martello, +Bob Dunn, +Randy Milanovic, +David Kutcher, +Joshua Berg for their helpful tips this week!

#blogaidtipstuesday #tipstuesday #wordpresstips #seotips #siteseucrity #cybersecurity #contentmarketing #conversionoptimization
Hello Happy Site Owners!  Tips this week include: re-launch of a hacked site what’s behind sites acting goofy and rash of attacks 5 things to check on your
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Takes a little time to learn to read all the info, but it sure has helped me diagnose a bunch of things to +Mary Iannotti
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MaAnna Stephenson

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New carving site getting closer
Got my first look at the interim design. Was a big chore just getting all of the content converted from Blogger for the posts and then lots and lots and lots of static HTML pages, including about 60 that are in the Follow My Carving series where I showed each step of the process.

+Cyndi Papia did a great job getting it all under one roof and working with small images and such compared to what she's used to. (Both of the other sites were very narrow. So small images everywhere.)

She's got a few tweaks still and then she'll turn me loose on it. We'll do a final theme design down the road, once I've had time to dive into working with this one and squaring out more content changes.

Very pleased to move this site into the 21st century!! Thank you Cyndi!!! 
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Thanks to you +Cyndi Papia we sure are!
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MaAnna Stephenson

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Enjoying my fave Saturday read this evening from +Ana Hoffman. She's staying on top of several important changes and announcements this week.
HOT OFF THE PRESS: Your Weekly Marketing Skinny • February 28, 2015

All the weekly marketing news essential to your online business presence in under 5 minutes... I'd say it's a no-brainer!

Catch up and share:

In the marketing spotlight this week:

♨ When Google algorithm fails…
♨ Mobile ranking deadline;
♨ Facebook photo posts tanked;
♨ Google+ mobile redesigned;
♨ Official Twitter WP plugin;
♨ YouTube made $0 profit in 2014;
♨ Great Wordpress app update for iOS;
♨ Surprising updates to Disqus;
♨ Net Neutrality passed;
♨ Photoshop turned 25;
♨ Google Panda turned 4;
♨ … and MUCH more.

Huge Thank You to bloggers who honored me with a mention of Traffic Generation Café in their recent blog posts; you earned yourselves a link in this week's Marketing Skinny: +Matt Banner +Kurt Frankenberg +Will Blunt +Darren DeMatas +Andrew Warner +Don Purdum +Chris Brindamour +MaAnna Stephenson +Francisco Perez 

Once again, catch up and share:

#marketingnews   #weeklyroundup   #weeklymarketingskinny  
In the marketing news this week: Net Neutrality passed, Facebook photo posts tank, mobile ranking deadline, slew of blogging updates, and much more.
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Thanks so very much, +MaAnna Stephenson!
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Thank you Leonard for inviting us all to live long and proper.
Min. Larry D Cornelius Sr's profile photo
Fare-the-well my long-time great friend, you will be missed, but always remembered. ~ MinLarry.

Leonard Nimoy ..
I think it's my adventure, my trip, my journey, and I guess my attitude is, let the chips fall where they may.
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MaAnna Stephenson

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Date set for mobile-friendly as ranking factor
April 21st is when it officially goes into effect as announced on the Webmaster Central blog today.

Good thing I already had a redesign in the works. My site doesn't meet these guidelines. Have you run yours through the test yet? Be sure to check how it renders too. This test is different from the on in Google PageSpeed Insight.

h/t +Zara Altair
From Google Webmaster Central Blog:
1) "mobile-friendly" will be a ranking signal on April 21st
2) more app content indexing (+ ranking factor) and surfacing content from indexed apps more prominently in search.

#mobilefriendly   #indexing   #seoisrelevantagain  
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+MaAnna Stephenson Hmm. I've been saying all along that my site is mobile-friendly from the ground up. But it will be sobering to find out whether Google considers it so. (Nail-biting...)
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MaAnna Stephenson

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Nice roundup of recent Google Webmaster Tools changes
Thanks to +Barry Schwartz for making it easy on us to keep up with how GWT is moving the cheese. And the one about Google proactively reaching out to help hacked site owners recover was a real gem.
Catch up on a pretty wild month in terms of Google SEO & Webmaster topics here.  This should bring you up to speed quickly.
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+MaAnna Stephenson thankyou for highlighting +Barry Schwartz's post summarizing the world of Google.
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MaAnna Stephenson

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The demise of G+ cliche
The only folks who care about the changes concerning G+ are already on G+ and the platform would have to die before they would leave. So for the next few days we all will endure bunches of post with Plussers talking only to Plussers about something the rest of the world will never even know is even happening.
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Are shorter titles really better for SEO?
Have a look at this title:
Google Search Algorithm Adds Mobile-Friendly Factors & App Indexing To Ranking

It's not short. It's not less than 60 characters. That may be all that Google shows in search, but they index the whole thing.

If Google will only show some of it in most SERPs, then I can understand why we want to get keywords up front.

This post is on SearchEngineLand. I'm betting they know a thing or two about SEO. So, where exactly did we come up with the idea that shorter is better, or that we must limit title length?
Google's mobile ranking algorithm will officially include mobile-friendly usability factors and app indexing. Making sure your site is mobile-friendly is now more important than ever.
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Same with our themes and our custom theme +MaAnna Stephenson. I have not seen reference to it only being of value for known brands, +Randy Milanovic. My impression and general philosophy has always been that it's beneficial to have company name appear whenever possible for branding- but I've also assumed it was a good SEO move since the plugins do it automatically and I have read it elsewhere for years.
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Mobile friendly ranking factor clarified
Thanks so much to +Joshua Berg for taking the time to timestamp this HOA with +John Mueller today on this important topic.
On Mobile-friendly Becoming a Search Ranking Factor on 4/21 - Q&A Hangout With Google's John Mueller

This morning's meeting with John Mueller has a trove of answers & recommendations regarding Google's big announcement that (, Starting April 21, we will be expanding our use of mobile-friendliness as a ranking signal, meaning more #mobilefriendly  sites in search results.

So here I've time stamped the Q&A's on this topic:
0:25   John announces mobile-friendliness is becoming a ranking factor.

0:55   Mobile-friendly by Default a presentation
          by John Mueller, Google Feb 27, 2015

9:22   If a site is not mobfr (my mobile-friendly abbr.) what are Google's suggestions.

10:50   Is mobfr ranking going to start immediately on announced date, or will it be a rollout over a period of time?

11:59   When you rollout the update, are nonmobile-friendly sites going to drop down, or will we still see these ranking in higher positions?

31:25   John's giggle that's fun to click replays. :D

Here I managed to squeeze in a few minutes for my own questions on the mobfr ranking changes (Yes, please excuse my cold. LOL.) :

44:40   Will mobile search results now become significantly different from regular search, or will this change affect all platforms?

45:24   Was there significant restructuring needed to separate mobile search results rankings from desktop search?

46:18  Will mobile search specifically be looking just to surface mobfr content, or will it also be looking to demote non-mobfr?

47:32   Are the factors listed in our WMT going to be the specific factors affecting our ranking, or is that just as a notification, something that operates entirely separately?

48:44   So it would be safe to assume the WMT data that we're seeing, is the content that is being used for that ranking?

49:33   Of the specific WMT ranking factors, which would you say are most important that they will more strongly affect these changes?

50:54   Will users reaction within mobile be playing strong on results?

51:50   from Mihai, is the affect mobile ranking factors give to mobfr websites simply black & white, or is it degrees, like depending on scores?

53:20   Would it be a problem if interstitials show up a minute, or so later, or do these have to be shown immediately?

56:53   On behalf of another user, I ask a question regarding an interesting search result [allegedly] seen on mobile, where certain mobile results are preceeded by a red Slow label. Here is that image   which appears to show Google experimenting with labeling slow loading results with a bold red tag.

#MobileFriendly   #GoogleSearch   #ResponsiveWebDesign  
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Multi lingual SEO
+Jason T. Wiser has raised a super interesting question about sites in multiple languages. I know I have several followers who run such sites. Might want to pop over to the original thread and see the comments as they roll in.

It's here

And I'm disabling comments here to keep the conversation centralized there.

MaAnna Stephenson

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How do you know when your site is doing well?
When you get more and more emails every day from folks you don't know inviting themselves to be seen on it via guest posts.
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