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Dust is ubiquitous in our environment but generally falls into one of three categories: household dust, workplace dust and industrial dust. Each type of dust is made up of different constituents from its surrounding environment and these dust and debris particles from industrial sites, a workplace or even homes can be potentially hazardous.

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Faulty or substitute raw materials, contaminants in final products, coating and adhesion failures, surface defects, corrosion, and discoloration can all adversely affect the final product. Furthermore, they often impede production chains. MVA provides valuable independent analysis in a timely and reliable fashion while using cutting edge techniques to help clients determine the origin of the problem.

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MVA Scientific Consultants is a contract testing laboratory that specializes in material testing services. In our 26+ years of experience in material testing, our scientists have dealt with a wide variety of materials including polymers, coatings, paints, metals, fillers, minerals, composites, pharmaceutical ingredients, solvents, contaminants, impurities and unknowns.

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MVA’s Confocal Raman Spectroscopy (Raman Analysis) lab is optimized to provide analytical solutions for research, industry, and other clients. Raman analysis brings together confocal chemical imaging and Raman spectroscopy to provide high spatial resolution capabilities not available in Fourier transform infrared (FTIR) spectroscopy.

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The scanning electron microscope (SEM) is one of the most powerful and useful tools for material analysis. SEMs use electrons rather than light waves to examine surfaces, permitting much greater magnification, resolving power and depth of field. SEM analysis provides us with high resolution imaging at magnifications up to 300,000X.

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MVA Scientific Consultants specializes in providing high resolution transmission microscopy (TEM) imaging services. We are an electron microscopy located in Atlanta, GA.

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In this webinar, we will talk about glass delamination in pharmaceutical products and different techniques we use for glass delamination analysis. We will also talk about how our analysis can benefit pharmaceutical manufacturers.
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Are you a manufacturer incorporating nanoparticles in your product? Do you know what your nanoparticles look like? Do you know the size distribution of your nanoparticles? MVA Scientific Consultants specializes in characterizing nanoparticles for manufacturers and end product users. Give us a call now to learn more about your nanoparticles!
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