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+Taylor Swift and #OneDirection's Harry Styles rung in the New Year with a very public kiss in Times Square! We have the proof:
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She looks happy but not Harry and Harrys always happy:D
Harry looks like he wants to run for his life. While Taylor's smiling like there's no tomorrow.
I hope that if they break up, Taylor won't write ANOTHER break up song
Im not a fan of one direction but i have to say someone looks pretty unhappy while the other one looks thrilled
I wonder who she was thinking of when she gave that kiss.
he's not happy because all he wants is some privacy
I still think he is gay, I mean look his face,he is not happy
Harry looks kinda scared? hahahaha
he is way too young for her.
umm HARRY looks like he dont like u taylor swift... just saying
they're gonna brake up soon..! but i support 1D no matter wat so hehe
yup taylor should be with only mine!!!!
Maybe taylor is planning a new song . This is the first step . Second step is breakup The song will be ready after the break up . And the scape goat is harry :-) 
harry doesn't look 2 happy :(
Harry might be thinking , " What makes her beautiful ? " :-)
Taylor Swifts new song single after the break up. "I guess I didn't have the One Thing" on her Album "Now Im BLUE"
Oh Taylor looks soooooo Happy.  But whats up with Harry?!
i wanted that kiss
The hate needs to stop! It's not your life! Nothing against Harry, I LOVE him, but who says Harry won't hurt Taylor. Why does everyone assume that Taylor's always the enemy? And just because Taylor actually has the talent to write a song, we deem that as a curse? Think about that. #werespecthaylor #directionersneedtostop
the dude beside the  police officer loolks like Simon cowell lollllll. O..o
taylor swift and harry styles would make a good couple
That is so sweet, and they are the cutest couple. Wish you guys luck!
+Britney Thao hahaha very funny but true and when she dump him wil she make a song about it 
i hope u dump her harry she iznt worthit i hate u taylor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I love Taylor and her music! She is a great singer and an inspiration, so if you guys have a problem with her, keep it to yourselves.
See Harry doesn't even want her look at his face he is like:"If she don't get her hands of off me!" I am with you Harry I am tired of this shit too.
All of the hate on taylor needs to STOP!!! Like seriously get a life! Who said taylor would hurt him? Maybe he will dump her... I mean he IS the one who looks unhappy!!! And so what if Taylor is older than him. It's not like it's aginst the law and i have a sister thats two years apart from her bf and shes OLDER THAN HIM!!!! SO IF YOUR GOING TO HATE ON TAYLOR THEN HATE ON HARRY TO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :(
Omg I don't like them together I don't understand why Harry can't see tht she is using him and tht they r both losing fans cuz not many ppl like them
they just dont really seem to go together to me... somethings off...
guys its just a bad pic of harry come on its paparazzi!!! hes probably perfectly happy with her!!
Kassy G
i dont know..... I'm not hating on them.... its just that in almost every picture of them together Taylor seems wwaaaaaaayyyyy more into it then Harry is
cuz she's desperate... she wants to get married.... wasnt that why conner left her?? too much commitment? 
oh god this girl needs to pick one guy and why harry from one direction for real -__-
Who cares he's happy she's happy so people just shut up 
You my beast friend forever
wow thought they split no
I think one direction there all ugly lol and Harry deserves better lol.. I'm sorry ... Just had to be honest lmao .. 
Stop hating on her you guys! I don't really like one direction all that much, they're ok, but I like Taylor Swift, so lay off! She has gotten death threats and mean tweets and you know what? That's really mean of people to be so jealous of her happiness that they try to tear her down. Let them be happy! If she has a negative song on her new album, it will probably be about all the haters...............
I'm done ranting now. 
+Naheeda Riaz Ahamadeen  just your opinion and i respect that
but she is just a girl and she is trying to find love! so please keep your hate to yourself and respect other peoples opinions just as i respect yours. don't say such blunt things. seriously she didnt "take your man" HE CHOSE HER and he is not your object. 
I will hate you if you break and write song, and tell the world about it. just like you as always.
I dont care she dates with any person but she seems date famous person to make herself keep around, and the most detest is when she breaks up, write a song and tell the world and play like she is the one whom abandoned with pain! go die!!! I listen to your songs but that's just CHEAP, worse than I thought, Go die tay or change so I can love you.
I don't understand how in every picture of Haylor Taylor looks so happy and Harry looks upset I hate the thought of Haz being sad :(
they're cute together :)
..................... what is happening with our little harry and yall's Taylor omg im going to pass out jk i don't really care about their relationship as long as she doesnt break up 1d our hurt harry then im perfectly fine
Stop hating on taylor! If you were her, how would you feel? You would feel love for Harry and sadness that the world thinks and says so many mean things. Anyway, she expresses her feelings about things the way that you probably vent to your friends, people need to express their own emotions in their own ways! SO please stop being mean, and really? Don't tell her to go die. That is extremely mean and nobody should go die. Even haters. Ok. My second rant is over. But seriously, stop. 
Leave them ALONE they have feelings to all you haters!!!!!!!!!!!!!
she is just having trouble finding love sooo leave her alone she might of found it.
Ok, now you're being a hypocrite +Abby Henderson you shouldn't hate on Harry. And they shouldn't hate on Taylor. 
Taylor geldiğinden beri ne mi oldu ? 

-Grupta Harry ve Taylor ile çıktığı için kavga çıkmış. Şuan küsler. 
-Taylor istemediği için coğu hayranına imza ve fotoğraf vermedi. 
-Yılbaşında Haylor Fotoğrafları yüzünden 20.000 takipçi kaybetti 
Ok every swiftie nd Directioner...u guys need 2 back off mind ur damn business this is not ur relationship ok maybe in this pic he doesn't look happy probably because of all u haters...yes I am a huge Directioner ....I don't ship haylor but u guys need 2 grow up nd get over the fact that they r dating I've seen the guys she has dated nd yes she has made the songs about them but lay off mind ur damn business what ever happens they may break up or not so until then shut the hell up about it nd get over it leave them alone damn my gosh .......
Omg stop sending me emails. So annoying!
some may like it nd some may but come on guys tay is an adult so we shud respect her wishes ok nd not critcise her .its her life ,her choice nd ur words cant affect dat .
i thought that it was just a show b/c taylor is just trying convert from country to the pop world... 
So true Harry does not like Taylor putting it out there
oh good... cuz it almost sounded like u hate taylor lol =D
Good luck to both of them.,hope they stay sweet&happy year2013!!!
cari m
harry doesnt looked pleazed... :)
Not at all
well, i knew they would soon anyway....
something went down that night...........
If they break up they should write a break up song together. Do something new!
yeah well that best couple ever isnt a couple anymore... 
harry does not like her. taylor had just used him for fans
i like both of them, but i think they are a good couple but i think will go good with someone their own age! but if they ever get back to gather than ill still be happy 
it felt illegal for me I was like won't she get arrested!!!! he looks really under age for her
They broke up, but hey now harry's single... <3 oh yeah baby!!!
get out of here taylor no one likes you! harry is supposed to be a single man
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