Google+ Tips: Let the Right One In
Say you send out invitations to a party and tell your friends to bring their "plus ones". But then, without asking you, those friend-of-a-friends invite someone else. And those people invite all the people they know.

Would you let them all into house? Some of you would. Some of you wouldn't. The important thing to remember is that it's your choice.

The Downside to Letting Everyone In
1. Stream It clogs your stream with stuff from people you don't know and probably don't care about. When people share with Extended Circles, they are sharing with everyone they follow and everyone those people follow. If you look at a post and wonder, why am I seeing stuff from this guy? I didn't follow him? Yeah. But someone you do follow did.

2. Profile It makes it appear to others looking at your profile that you know someone in common. Many people make the choice to include someone based on the idea that they are friends of a trusted friend. "Hey, M follows him. He must be okay." There's no way for them to know why you followed someone: close friend or just a guy you ran into at some other guy's party.

3. Relevance It messes up the Find and Invite Suggestions
Google+ suggests (not recommends, important distinction) people based on your contacts and interactions. When you invite people in, Google+ suggests more people based on who they know. So if you invite a spammer into your social circle, you are telling Google+ to suggest this guy to all your friends.

Social networking relies on "trust by association". When you let just anyone in, you're giving your real friends bad recommendations.

Remember. The vampires can't get into your house unless you invite them. When you invite them in you are assuming some responsibility for their actions. Luckily, in Google+, it's just as easy to uninvite them.

Update: 2011-07-24. Added link to bot attack: A certain shade of Scoble.
Do not follow people just because they follow you. Follow them because you want to read what they have to say or you want to share something with them.
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