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Books: Little Book of Prison: A Beginners' Guide
Thanks to the +Heroes of Brevity I've been mulling over the concepts of what is the core of self and how do we preserve it in situations of extreme repression. Trawling through the posts of people who Google+ doesn't think I find relevant (even though I've circled them) provides some new insights.
#bottom99  So far, all the people that Google ranks as irrelevant to me, I've found to be pretty interesting. That must be why I circled them. I wanted to read their posts.
My name is Frankie Owens I was prisoner A1443CA and the library orderly at Her Majesty’s Pleasure until 2nd August 2011. As a first time offender I had no idea, how the system or prison worked. I was clueless to it all and it was hard for me going in and frightening for the family and loved ones I left behind. My writing began as self-help and as the days progressed it occurred to me that the Little Book of Prison: A Beginners’ Guide (Waterside 2...
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Thanks for letting me know about the Heroes. I always appreciate finding interesting people and ideas. 
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