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Google+ UX: Stop Killing Our Discussions
If you flip a light switch on, don't you expect the light to come on and stay on until you flip it off? Google+ has a Mute option which allows us to mute notification of comments on our terms. However, it also arbitrarily mutes a thread once it reaches 100 comments. And it doesn't let us turn notifications back on after that. Our discussions die an unnatural death.

The big name celebs may tire of comments after receiving a hundred instances of "awesome" or "LOL" from slavering fan boys, but the rest of us are using Google+ for the lively discussion of ideas. If the celebs get tired of muting every post, they could write more interesting content. Failing that, Google+ could provide a general setting for users to indicate at what point we want to turn off notifications.

Of course, Google+ would actually have to obey users' wishes and not try to second guess us. You know, when we turn something on, leave it on until we turn it off.
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I didn't know that - thanks.
That sort of behaviour should be at the user's control, not the system's.
I think +Yonatan Zunger & +Dave Besbris of Google are aware of this and said on an earlier post from +Max Huijgen that they would look into it.

I find this limit really, really bad, especially as it's probably only an if clause to be changed in the code. It should at least be set to the same number than the comment limit, ie. 500.
instead, we get a bouncing notification icon. maybe it gets sick to its stomach after 100 bounces?
+Claude Rieth yes they said they would look into it, just like +Chris Messina was surprised we still don´t have an activity thread on G+ (which would help as well to keep track of discussion in which you are involved). However on both points no action has been taken so far. 
This need to be reolved, badly. A quick fix would be to automute after say 1000 comments instead. Or 100 comments after your last own comment. But making it optional by post or by account would be preferred. How hard can it be, c'mon +Google+
Amen! And the 500 comment cap can go away too. 
+Claude Rieth I received the update notice from +Max Huijgen and it's great that +Vic Gundotra responded. But unless many of us make our pain felt, the development team cannot correctly assess whether this is a real problem for users as a whole, or the isolated grumblings of a few of us.

So I encourage every person who is tired of getting shut out of a discussion because the system refuses to follow its own settings to make your voice heard. Send feedback via the feedback mechanism. Reshare +Marc Jansen post, or Max's, or mine. Or write your own.

Remember, your audience is different than my audience and the more people we can make aware of the issue and the more people we can get to raise the issue with the Google+ development team, the more they are likely to see it as a real problem.

Note: We have been writing posts about this problem since April these kinds of changes require a little bit of team work on everyone's part: users and development team. 
Getting the notification limit lifted will be great, but I have never before felt the need for a way to follow all of the side-discussions that a post raises as acutely as i do right now.
Yes, and i Love the idea, +Max Huijgen.  I was just trying to remember the term you coined for it yesterday, in fact.  
So glad this is finally getting some attention!
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