Google+ UX: Stop Killing Our Discussions
If you flip a light switch on, don't you expect the light to come on and stay on until you flip it off? Google+ has a Mute option which allows us to mute notification of comments on our terms. However, it also arbitrarily mutes a thread once it reaches 100 comments. And it doesn't let us turn notifications back on after that. Our discussions die an unnatural death.

The big name celebs may tire of comments after receiving a hundred instances of "awesome" or "LOL" from slavering fan boys, but the rest of us are using Google+ for the lively discussion of ideas. If the celebs get tired of muting every post, they could write more interesting content. Failing that, Google+ could provide a general setting for users to indicate at what point we want to turn off notifications.

Of course, Google+ would actually have to obey users' wishes and not try to second guess us. You know, when we turn something on, leave it on until we turn it off.
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