Circlecount has some new cool features: share favorite posts and vote them up
The idea behind the new functionality of +CircleCount is great. You can now store your personal favorites either by going to their website or by using their excellent extension. Install it if you didn´t already do so.

The great thing behind the new functionality is that it´s much more than a convenient way to store easily accessible links to your own posts. You have full control over the post titles and you can even tag them the way you want.

The best thing is you can share them with others and they can vote them up or down by using a rating system as you can see below. It creates a page of your posts (either written by you or by others, whatever you select) which can be shown to others.

+Jacob Dix went into much detail explaining how you can use this here

He also describes the features of the plugin in this post

And of course you need to check +CircleCount´s own announcement over here

What it effectively does is combine +Siegfried Hirsch´s fantastic magazine like format for G+ posts of shared circles with a way to control your favorite posts and make them visible on a page for others to vote on. My sole criticism is in the lack of control over the resulting page lay-out.

You have options to order posts any way you want them, but the general look is not as inviting as the result of +Siegfried Hirsch´s approach to make a magazine.

Now if we could get the best of both worlds it would be ideal. Compare the lay-out of my shared circle over here with all the posts of Sunday with the new +CircleCount created page below.

Anyway, layout issues apart, this is a must have extension which only got better with this great way of organizing and exchanging your favo posts.
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