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M Sinclair Stevens

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Girl Hunts with Eagle
via +Alex Moffat 
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Metaphor: The Power of Myth 
Literalists miss the unique capacity of the human mind—to convey meaning through metaphor. For something to be "literally true" does not make it somehow more important. To insist that the only truth is literal is a incredible misunderstanding of how human beings communicate the really important truths of both head and heart.

#fundamentalism   #literalism   #myth  
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Politics: Cupcake Fascism and Infantilizing Dissent
When the pressure to "be nice" really means "shut up and don't make a fuss that will disturb your elders and betters".

From the article...
"Thus the form of the [Keep Calm and Carry On] slogan is a perfect expression of the infantilized subject’s orientation towards reality. The same goes for the content. The idea that the best response to any situation is just to accept existing conditions, swallow your anger, swallow your pride, and continue as best you might is an expression of a sort of ideal Britishness, the “stiff upper lip.” But stiff upper lip is, dialectically speaking, nothing more than a form of cowardice; less a level-headed stoicism than a neurotic unwillingness to confront an unjust reality."
"This last aspect of the infantilized subject’s vision of a “nicer” world is the most telling, for on the other hand, niceness is also an injunction from above. “Just be nice!” is something a parent or teacher would tell a wayward child. The injunction to behave properly, to smile and get on with it, is precisely a way of shutting down any form of social resistance. People are conditioned to be nice from the very start of school, and it is the effect of an infantilizing gentrification that this injunction is further spread by those who have most effectively internalized it. These people are the middle classes. To be nice, to “behave properly,” is simply to behave like an infantilized middle-class subject. Thus every marketing campaign or government public service announcement that passive-aggressively preaches niceness is really a violent enforcement of reactionary values that serves to preserve a crisis-stricken status quo."

via +Alex Moffat

#cupcakes #niceness #peerpressure  
If a fascist reich was to be established anywhere today, I believe it would necessarily have to exchange iron eagles for fluffy kittens, swap jackboots for Converse, and the epic drama of Wagnerian horns for mumbled ditties on ukuleles.
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Statistics: Big Data, Are We Making A Mistake
From the article:
"...a theory-free analysis of mere correlations is inevitably fragile. If you have no idea what is behind a correlation, you have no idea what might cause that correlation to break down."
"Big data sets can seem comprehensive but the “N = All” is often a seductive illusion."

"But big data do not solve the problem that has obsessed statisticians and scientists for centuries: the problem of insight, of inferring what is going on, and figuring out how we might intervene to change a system for the better."

#statistics #bigdataanalytics  
Five years ago, a team of researchers from Google announced a remarkable achievement in one of the world’s top scientific journals, Nature. Without needing the results of a single medical check-up, they were nevertheless able to track the spread of
Francois Demers's profile photoSophie Wrobel's profile photoSteve Llano's profile photo
"“Big data” has arrived, but big insights have not."

We aren't making a big mistake: we just need to learn to shut out the noise. Learn how to make sense out of data in context - and let technology, instead of staticians, do the data crunching. And by data, I am referring to textual qualitative data as well, not just the numbers.

I'm a fan of crowdsourcing data analysis. The concept behind many eyes: put data out in the open and let everyone analyse it using a plethora of standarized statistical and graphical analyses. It works, because looking at one person's analysis sparks another person to suggest another analysis, and some of those are even more insightful. There may be other methods, but this one matches the social paradigm wuite well.
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M Sinclair Stevens

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Women Work: In the Line of Duty
A soldier has committed a deadly mass shooting at Fort Hood again. And again, a female police officer was involved in bringing the violent rampage to an end.
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Demographics: Black in America: The Usual Suspects 
Another story from the alternate reality which will probably fall on deaf ears of those in the default reality. That's the true failure of empathy. So many people think just because it doesn't happen to them that it doesn't happen or that it's no big deal. They lack imagination (which is more important than empathy).

What if you lived your entire life under a cloud of suspicion, not as a result of your actions and character, but because of your appearance.

From the article...
My biggest challenge as a father will be to help my kids navigate a world where being black is both a source of pride and a reason for caution. I want them to have respect for the police, but also a healthy fear—at least as long as racial profiling continues to be an element of law enforcement. But I also want them to go into the world with a firm sense of their own self-worth.

After talking to my own mother, I found myself thinking back to something that happened at summer camp when I was 5 years old, my son’s age now. During one exercise, we were asked to form a circle, and the boy next to me recoiled, saying, “I don’t hold hands with darkies!” I could have felt humiliated, but I just shrugged the whole thing off. It seemed obvious that he had the problem, not me.

My parents had instilled this confidence in me since birth. They’d given me pride in my ancestry and raised me in Teaneck, New Jersey, a diverse community that had voluntarily integrated its school system in the mid-1950s. I’d grown up seeing all kinds of people treat each other with a respect that transcended race, religion, class, and every other social or demographic construct.

That upbringing is what enabled me to deal with this incident in a slow, communicative, and methodical way.

#racism #racialprofiling #discrimination  
A retired Major League Baseball player explains how he's trying to turn an upsetting encounter with the police into an opportunity for dialogue. 
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Hot Springs and Hells: Beppu-shi
A little story on the town I once lived in, in Japan. Steam rises from the streets. And going to a public bath after drinking with your coworkers is just part of the evening out. Recreational bathing. Skinship.

#japan #onsen  
Home to more than 2,500 hot springs, Beppu is the world's second largest source of thermal water after Yellowstone National Park.
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Stereotypes: The Obscuring Filter
From the article...
"People tend to think that stereotypes are honest reflections of what they see in the world. But instead, they often shape how we see the world, how we metabolize the data in front of us. It's confirmation bias"

#statistics #stereotypes #bias  
The early days of college hoops were dominated by flashy players who were thought to be naturally suited for the game and who saw the sport as their way out of the ghetto. They're not who you suspect.
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M Sinclair Stevens

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Information Architecture: Table Layout for Readability
Wie Tabellen eigentlich aussehen sollten: 
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Darren Cooley's profile photoMatt Hooper's profile photoFridolin Heyer's profile photoKeith Galenzoski's profile photo
I wouldn't call it current either. These design principles have been working since the days of the paper phone book. This is just basic old-school typography and page layout. The horror began with desktop computers, which gave people the ability to use bold, different typefaces, shadows, then colors and flashing elements.

In an effort to call attention to everything, fussy design calls attention to nothing.

Then, thankfully, the artists came in and began designing. But they tend to see type as a design element. They are less well-versed in usability. They'll use colors that don't have a readable contrast, or mess with leading and line length to fit the overall design without regard to how the user tries to retrieve information.

The most usable designs (this is information retrieval, not a fine art show) have only elements which convey information, not detract from it.
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Love S'more: Honey Maid
Suddenly craving some graham crackers.

#lgbt #marriageequality  
Victor Palmer's profile photoLegbamel Not-Pop's profile photo
D'awwwwwww.  Humanity has been restoring my faith, today, after a terrible few weeks.  Thanks for sharing this.
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I was excited by the prospect of upscale pub food in a desolate section of South Austin where the most prevalent options otherwise are fast food and taco shacks. On the plus side, the atmosphere is light and airy, casual but smart. The beer selection is solid. Although we didn't try cocktails, the menu looked promising. The food is inventive but, as is often the case especially when cooking with good-quality ingredients, simpler is preferable. In the case of my Porter Burger ($14), the flavor was obscured by too much salt and grease. In contrast to my reaction, my companion enjoyed the Lamb Burger ($15). (Note: See photo of burgers posted here.) Another plus: the portions on the Large Plates were generous. Hungry men will leave satisfied. However, the prices were more downtown Austin than South Austin. This is really a downtown restaurant pioneering a new neighborhood. For this reason, I wish them success and will even go back to try cocktails and small plates to see whether I can become more enthusiastic overall.
• • •
Public - a month ago
reviewed a month ago
When I meet someone for lunch, I always suggest Buenos Aires Cafe. Every creamy soup is rich and flavorful. When I'm eating healthy, I opt for the spinach salad at lunch. Otherwise I go for dinner and have the four types of gnocchi. Some of the best desserts in town.
Public - 8 months ago
reviewed 8 months ago
Quality: ExcellentAppeal: ExcellentService: Excellent
Public - 11 months ago
reviewed 11 months ago
Appeal: Very goodFacilities: ExcellentService: Excellent
Public - a year ago
reviewed a year ago
11 reviews
What a disappointment. We've been here once before for cocktails and snacks. I fell in love with the Gin and Jam cocktail ($8). Three of us managed to drink and nibble our way through more than $100 of delectables. Our memories set lofty expectations and, as such, our lunch experience last Friday (2013-08-09) was a real letdown. We were shoe-horned into a tiny table next to the bar where I could feel the body heat of the person sitting at the bar radiating down on me. As the place filled up with the lunch crowd, it felt even more claustrophobic and cramped despite the architecture which has pleasing natural light, large windows, and high ceilings. The food was the biggest disappointment. Nothing distinguished it and as I looked around at my fellow diners, I didn't see another dish I wish I had ordered instead. If you want a better burger than I had, go to Zax Restaurant and Bar across Congress Avenue bridge. If you want a better upscale Banh Mi go to Elizabeth Street Cafe. $12 for my burger and $11 for my date's banh mi.
• • •
Public - 8 months ago
reviewed 8 months ago
Although many descriptions of Piattini emphasize the "small plates" (and there is a good selection of those), be aware that there are choices with generous portions. Don't be scared away thinking that all you are going to get is a tiny, artsy serving of food on a large plate. It's not like that at all. This is solid, good food. We shared an appetizer of the bruscetta. Wonderful. My partner had two small plates and was unable to finish the calamari because he was so full. I had a larger portion of lobster ravioli and was stuffed enough to be able to refuse the dessert menu without regret. I'm so happy we discovered Piattini and look forward to returning.
• • •
Food: Very goodDecor: Very goodService: Excellent
Public - 11 months ago
reviewed 11 months ago
Very nice for what it is. Not fancy but clean, neat, quiet, and reasonably priced. We were very happy with our stay and would stay here again. Small fridge in the room was appreciated. Mancos is the best place to stay if you are visiting Mesa Verde.
Quality: Very goodFacilities: Very goodService: Very good
Public - a year ago
reviewed a year ago