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As they say, it's not what happens but how you react and handle it.

So the inevitable at Twitter API side happened to +Carbon for Android . We all knew it was going to happen, we just didn't know when. Does that make my last two months of work on the v.2 lost? No! 

Doest it mean Twitter is evil? Probably not. So I don't wanna' see comments saying stuff like that. But, I wanna' see how to go forward or may be NOT.

Definitely not going for the stunts and the blame game and crying over it, that's how the obscure get known, we don't do that. +Carbon for Android v.2 is our 5th Twitter client, so believe me, it hurts, but I guess it's time to move on for REAL. Building clients business is no business. Open APIs happy hour is over. It's Make your own stuff time. A few might know about my Fitness service in the making, that's been taking most of my time lately. So, I've been ready for this and didn't put my eggs in the same basket, or somethin' like that?

How to go about Carbon now?

I'll keep the planned updates coming. I'll update app's description and warn users who download it that only those who had tokens can use it. And NO! I won't make a way for custom API keys, that's just going around the problem, and we don't cut corners when it comes to that.

And, time to turn the page. I really hope this won't be blogged about or talked about, because it was inevitable. And it's such a repeat topic anyways. 2014, let's move on.

Note: We still have a couple of thousands of Tokens from our 284K Tokens allocated to us as of the warning that we received yesterday.
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Well damn this sucks. Keep your Google+ account up to date so I know where I can get your +Carbon for Android updates if you don't mind.
If Twitter is limiting apps, I don't see how any solution is possible other than to allow custom API keys.

Personally, I feel bad that I get to use Carbon while others can't, especially if they are more active Twitter users.
Using API keys will atleast let slightly tech-savvy users release their tokens from Twitter so others can use it.
But twitter is kinda evil :P

Looking forward to your next app +M.Saleh Esmaeili. Sounds interesting, you know where to send any early builds too for feedback right? ;P
jay ckb
Shows how great the app is. Nice design and implementation made people use it. Will be keeping an eye out on your new apps that's for sure. 
+Bret Smith I think the new API limit applies only to new twitter clients not the old ones. 
+John Childs thanks for the correction... So at the end all clients are going stop at one point of time.. 
+Hesham Othman theoretically yes. But if they already had a million users before the api change it might take a while...
I don't see why you don't allow people to specify their own APIs keys. If every twitter app does this it may actually make twitter rethink their policy. 
Old clients get double the number of tokens they had used up. So if Plume had 200,000 tokens used up (for example; they probably had a lot more than that), they had 400,000 to use. 

EDIT: Ah Hesham got there first. :)
That sucks majorly. Hope that you keep the app updated as Android updates progress. Even if we had to donate or pay for future updates, I would definitely do it. This is the best Twitter app by far and I don't wanna lose it again. Followed you from the early webOS days and missed your work sorely while you were solely on WP7. 
So... Reinstalling on a new phone or ROM I can still use it cause I am an existing user? Just wanna make sure I understand correct
+Mark Bailey yep, correct. Unless you revoke the token on the Twitter website you have it for life.
I havent got it revoked but cant seem to connect today - says "cant contact twitter" after I tried to reinstall?
I resintalled after it just stopped updating tweets...   Shame as I prefer this client over the others Ive tried, and Ive tried a lot!
fingers crossed...although my backup (twicca) is working fine...
Same for me. Not uninstalled/reinstalled, but tried deleting account in the app and get "couldn't contact twitter" when I try to add account again... :-(
I thought it was just my phone - had nothing but problems since I upgraded to 4.3 just before xmas (s3).  Ill keep trying then - maybe its a temporary/  unintended side effect...
+M.Saleh Esmaeili Do you pretend to bring real time tweets and interactions to Carbon like Falcon did recently? It's the only thing that prevents me from using Carbon.
Hey +M.Saleh Esmaeili, I love your clients to but rarely use twitter. I'll revoke the token tonight so that someone else can enjoy your awesome app. Can't wait to see what you do with fitness 
Well this sucks! I hope you'll continue to update Carbon. It is one of the best Twitter clients available. It's just a shame more people won't get to use it 😑
I know, I know, but because of Twitter limits it's clear that there's no way other than enabling custom keys (like other twitter apps). As simple as that.