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It's a wrap, v2 is now fully wired and polished. Time to share this thing.

A whole new look, a brand new Timeline design, and brought one of my favorite features of all of Carbon versions back; the Quick Timeline. As you might know by now, features in Carbon are all on-app, and not in the Settings screen, expect a lot of goodies!

Whatcha' know about to twopoin' oh?  2014? No! Tomorrow is the day! #C2PointOh #Android  
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Can't wait! Still using Carbon :D
Beyond excited for this! Always loved Carbon! 
jay ckb
Nice. How do we donate?
Looking forward to checking it out. Don't know if I can use a dark Twitter app again though. We'll see if you can sway me.
Would love to be lulled back to Carbon. Now when you say "tomorrow" do you mean local time or where you are located? Cause if memory serves, +M.Saleh Esmaeili is almost if not already in tomorrow compared to where I am...