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Was your aim at all to make Carbon a multi-platform app?

No. Never even thought of that, nor it was the aim. In an interview on IterateTV podcast I was asked how is it to go from a platform to another and how it is to keep the product on the same page on every platform. It just hit me, I really didn't want to go multi-platform. Carbon unluckily didn't find its home.

First, it was built for webOS, and it was never meant to be built for any other platform. webOS was shaky with all the faith and believe that every one of us in the webOS community had in the platform it let us all down and by the time I released the tablet version of Carbon(Graphite) it was all said and done for webOS.

Right in the middle of all kinds of webOS mess Windows Phone came along and I was introduced to it long before even our friends on webOS Developer Relations team shifted to Nokia. From one underdog to another. I love Windows Phone, I've owned 5 different Windows Phone devices, used Lumia800 as my daily for a good time. But even with a great launch of Carbon on Windows Phone, topping the social category on Marketplace for more than 60 days in different countries we didn't get anywhere. Still no home.

I still think we didn't build a piece of app that I'd be proud of with Carbon for Windows Phone, but we made a good impression and raised the bar for Twitter apps that almost all of the Twitter clients on the platform were forced to bring their 2.0 versions in order to compete. But still, there weren't enough number of users, and that's because of the small user base of Windows Phone then. Still no home.

What I'm trying to get at here is this, Carbon was meant for only one platform. Given the team that works on the product is a one man army(except for the WP7 version) it'd be tough to support multiple apps, specially if it wasn't financially rewarding to keep on working on them.

Another reason is, you can only focus and do your best on a platform that you use. I stopped using webOS long ago, and then stopped using Windows Phone. The shift to Android is everything now. I use it and love it, and even though I wasn't planning on coding for Android, I am now and I've come a long way.

In an ideal world, had webOS stayed around and became what Windows Phone has become now, Carbon would've stayed a webOS-only app. But that didn't happen. Carbon finally found its home on Android though, easy to say before even launching? Yea, launch is in a few days.

That's wassup!
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Congrats man! Looking for to the release, seriously!
Great post, good read, looking forward to the app :-) and I'm glad it has finally found its home
Looking forward to the release. I, too, have found a home on Android and I'm sure Carbon will thrive there. 
Can't wait to see it! Hope it proves the doubters (including me, originally, wrong).
I can't wait to see the Android version and thanks for all the hard work you're putting into it.

If you need beta, or alpha testers for that matter, I'd be happy to help out.
I'm glad you have found your way to Android! I remember checking out the webOS version, and as a twitter app lover, tempted to get a Pre just to check it out! That said, I can't wait to finally try it!
A few days means alpha users should get a glimpse this weekend :)

Man I can't wait...hope it all works out as you wished and the donations pour in quick
looking forward to the release... good luck with the final prep! :)
Great news... Keep up the good work.
Really appreciate your effort man! Keep up the good work.
evolution of a product is awesome to watch from the beginning, i have carbon for all 3 platforms and i can't wait for the final version on android! bring it on! oh, so when is carbon for coming out? ha ha ha, do it, those ppl pay money!
That's brilliant news!! Thanks for all your hard work efforts on this, we really do appreciate it.

And we're all looking forward to the release of Carbon for Android, I'm sure it will be nothing short of amazing.