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Mechanical Systems and Analysis may be a specific name,
but our capability is far reaching.

At MSA we specialize in three areas:
• Product Development.  
• Engineering Process Development
• Cloud Based Engineering Solutions

Product Development

Our goal is to help the start up or small company take a product from concept, through design, analysis, prototyping and testing, to a manufactured product.  We can help through the entire process or only in specific areas where needed

In addition to the complete product development process, at MSA we can apply our knowledge of design, analysis and testing to any company that needs additional specialized resources.

MSA can serve any of your engineering needs:
Product Development - from concept to production
Mechanical design
Structural, Thermal, CFD analysis (FEA Based)

Engineering Process Development

At MSA, we have worked with small companies as well as large companies, we understand archiving, PDM systems, change notices, as well as many of the current engineering tools. We can help you set up your design flow from concept to product end of life.

Cloud Based Engineering Solutions

The world is changing and you know longer need your own servers and high end workstation for cad anymore. We can help you setup cloud based processes using Google docs, Onshape, Simscale, and other up and coming cloud based solutions.

At MSA we provide a full range of engineering services. 

If you have an idea how can you turn it into reality?  This is the question that MSA can help you answer. There are many aspects and issues when you try to take a concept to production; 
What are the usability requirements?  
What regulatory requirements need to be met?
What is a realistic schedule?
What is a realistic budget?
How do you get prototypes?

What's the process for getting production parts made?

These questions are at the heart MSA's expertise. At MSA we can help you solidify your idea into a manufacturable product.  Our knowledge of Product Development allows us to provide accurate schedules and budgets, as well as ensure you meet all usability, serviceability, and regulatory requirements.

Mechanical Design
Mechanical design is not just about creating a 3D cad file or a 2D drawing, in fact this is probably the easiest part of the process.  Mechanical design involves having knowledge of molding for plastic parts, metal forming for sheet metal parts, machining capabilities, as well as other manufacturing and assembly processes.

In addition, MSA has extensive experience in designing for assembly, tolerance analysis, GT&T, and system integration.

Many companies will use whatever cad package gets them the job.  At MSA our goal is to be as capable, efficient and cost conscious as possible.  This is why we only use one cad package, SolidWorks (Onshape).  

Virtual Simulation
Most CAD systems these days offer some sort of integrated analysis solution and a lot a designers will purchase these programs, take a one day class, and viola, there an analyst now.  At MSA we have been performing structural, thermal, and fluid analysis for over fifteen years at companies such as Boeing, and Hewlett Packard.  We have experience and training in Ideas, Nastran/Patran, Dyna3D,  Mechanica/Rasna, Cosmos/m, Cosmosworks, Adams, Working Model, and Simscale. 

Our Analysis capability is just as broad as our tools.  We have performed explicit impact analysis on fan blades, structural, thermal, and vibration analysis on rotating and static structures, and elastic/plastic analysis on metals as well as plastic.  Chances are we have performed some type of analysis on a plane you have flown on or an electronic device you have purchased.

Despite the vast number tools in our tool chest, MSA has standardized on the Solidworks Simulation tools and SimScale.   Our goal is to be best in class and very efficient in our analysis.  We are not going to keep tools around just for the sake of getting more business.  Standardizing on one tool may restrict some of the work we can take on, but for the work we do take on it will provide a higher quality of service at a more competitive price.

Physical Testing 
Once you have a prototype how do you know it will perform as expected?  At MSA we can instrument your part with pressure transducers, strain gages, thermocouples, or accelerometers, and then we can test it to ensure it meets you requirements.

Our standard tools for physical testing is National Instruments Labview with the hardware dependent on the type of data we need to collect.

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