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Hunger Games Irony
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you guys should come over here then. I watched it yesterday afternoon with just 10 people in the entire hall
If they just had an "N" they would have had a proper arena, and sold tickets to that!
+Ari Ngnomire and I both love this!!! One more hour before previews and we have already been in line for 30 minutes...
+M Monica, I love the movie! The 12noon showing was packed but not full, so I didn't have to fight or hurt any 12-18 years old! :)
I'm not sure I like how the younger generations are being exposed to these type of stories. Of Mice and Men, Lord of the flies, they're kind of desensitizing...? Not that they justify such an idea but it does expose and create options/alternatives just by simply being aware of them.
still better than the midnight showing of twilight
I have not been able to get near that theater. 
A great movie to watch...I sure love to watch it again!
JC Harman: Bangs head against the wall Arrrrrrrrrrrgh! Guess what? Welcome to 2012! Get with the times. -_-