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The Most Important 7 Minutes of Television Ever Recorded

This speech by Mr. Rogers was presented to the United States Senate in 1969, when it was proposed that the funding for PBS would be cut. (Just as Mitt Romney suggested last night.) Fred Rogers appeared before the senate and gave one of the best speeches of all time, one that speaks to the heart of every person and explains why education is vital. If you take a few minutes out of your day to watch anything, watch this. 

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What a gentle, honorable man. We lost a lot when he passed away.
Watch the senator's attitude melt before the power of Fred Rogers' sincerity. It's my favorite part.
His shows where very decent and with out all the poison in today's children television.
I teared up toward the end. Very touching indeed.
Very heartfelt and sincere.  Thanks
To play devil's advocate, do you still feel PBS is as important as it was in 1969? Children have MANY other avenues to go to for educational programing on basic cable today (not to mention Sesame Street would be picked up by another network in half a second). And children's education has taken many a different format in just the past 5 years alone. In the era of information we live, where knowledge is available to all in the click of a button, is the survival of PBS as relevant now as it was 40 something years ago?

Personally I do enjoy PBS (Masterpiece Mystery Sherlock!), but isn't the world in which Mr. Rogers (whom I loved dearly) lived quite a bit different?

That's just a thought for discussion guys, no hate now ;)
+William Gunther Yes, I do... though I'm not as much of a fan of Sesame Street as I was. There's a program called Fetch! which is excellent, and which few people know of. It's amazingly smart. Even adults can enjoy it and learn a lot of science and history from it. 
What a lovely man... and I like the senator, he was open to actually listen to what he said.
Gotta love the happy ending. Let's hope we have another in this current silly PBS debate.
Wonder if Congress would throw money/tax breaks/credits to PBS if it was a money grubbing profit driven corporation.
I grew up watching this man, I eventually grew out of watching him. Years later as a young adult, flipping through the channels and there he was. Much older, greyer but all the same. So I sat there watching, a big smile on my face, I was a child once again.
The problem is people/ads don't give enough to fully support it, and federal funding fills in the gap so it is enough to keep it running.  I recall federal is around 10% of funding.  Assume that 10% was gone, then likely people would stop giving as much since the quality of programming was less then slowly the donations would stop so PBS would end.  
Just think of how much help that 0.012% of tax dollars could help out the desperate and paltry 17% to military funding could be! With 17.012% we could end the war on terror instead of teaching our children how to read, interact appropriately with others, and cope with feelings! </sarcasm>

Of course, that's not to say these skills aren't learned outside of PBS, but on PBS they aren't littered with the trash that non-publicly funded kids channels must endure.
-Every day after school, I'd go home and watch his TV show...he was an awesome guy.
PBS is an EDUCATIONAL programming system. Cutting the paltry funding it gets is like Cutting funding to public schools. AND THAT WILL BE NEXT if ROMNEY like minded people get in office.

Remember that DOUCHE BAG's "WHAT A SNOB" comment on education... What was his name? 
Whoa, we should calm down; I think the thought of killing Big Bird makes us all upset. 

BTW, related fact: the Swedish Chef from "The Muppets" once tried to cook Big Bird on "A Muppet Family Christmas," the TV special aired in 1987 with the Fraggles, Muppets, and Sesame Street. It was epic. He didn't, though, and eventually they all sat down to Christmas dinner together and it was all worked out.
The name calling is going to stop. Now. 

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Mr Rogers is everything that is right about America. Romney is everything that's wrong with it.
The real problem is hollywood and the crap they shove down our children's throats..... I say cut every penny of federal money that goes to hollywood.
PBS is great, one of the first channels that really got me interested in learning something new every day. Great speech by Mr. Rogers and without a doubt needs to be re-shared. It's a shame that anyone would think it fit to limit funds for education. 
I know why don't we just cut the salary of all politicians to $1 just imagine how much money we can all save.
Doesn't matter what they get paid by the Government, they'd just find another source of income. Lobbying perhaps?
We spend so much more on humanitarian help in other countries(Russia just kicked us out) and some of those countries have much disdain for the U.S. yet we continue to spend money on them and we want to neglect or cut funding to things that are essential or do more for the future of our children...Where's the sense in that Mr. ROMNEY??? Why don't we divert some of those funds from those "unfriendly" countries and invest them at home!?
A better idea might be to make congress go through the same health care system as the rest of America rather than their own. We could save money that way!
M Monica
I seriously suggest this: Passing a bill that limits them to living on $20,000 a year; that their income, financial records be publicly available; that they must live in government built and mandated housing with small, 1 bedroom per child, similar to that of those who are on public assistance. 

Because they are public servants. If they come into the job with money, it can be held for them until they have finished the job. If they are seen or photographed at a public place spending more money than is fitting to their budget, they should be put on trial, and their finances investigated. 

If the poor live on food stamps, so should each congressperson. 

Have an issue with that? Don't take the job. I wonder how many people would be wiling to be elected. 
Just change PBS into a politically unbiased broadcast and republicans will leave them alone.
the Neil DeGrasse Tyson quote about cutting PBS funding (something like 0.012% of the budget) is like deleting text files to clear out your 500GB hard drive.
+Jeffrey Gardner I think it is possible to keep PBS while cutting government funding. There are other ways to fund it and keep the good educational shows.
PBS is still PBS and it's the only non-commercial voice that we have on television. Get off this hatred for anything that's not profit driven and just be a human being for once! Defunding PBS would be a tragic mistake. PBS didn't change, the people of this country changed!
No! It comes down to an expression of caring. We have forgot to care, or just choose not too! PROPAGANDA! is what rules...Not values,morals and religion..The basic foundation for government and constitution.M Monica  thank you for this..AND anyone who reads this, please study and research both people for the election..and what they stand for and can do for our country.....Just another veteran, scraping by!
Will PBS die without government funding? Is there no other way to fund it? What about sponsors and advertisements? Are those not options?
Only if we want more corporate influence in public television. PBS was one last place where human voices aren't drowned out by advertising influence. It's important that we keep that. We spend a fraction of our economy on PBS, so why do you want corporate money involved? What do you think we'll save by defunding public television? What will we gain? And think about what we'll be losing.
PBS is great, but with the Internet it's irrelevant now. Taxpayer money is better spent elsewhere... like infrastructure. Almost everyone has access to Internet in the U.S... including in public libraries.
sponsors, sure. that's where a large part of PBS/NPR funding is already coming from. Advertisements would go against the very core values of public broadcasting. Given what has happened to regular commercial television and radio, if you value public tv and radio, advertisers should be a frightening proposition.
M Monica
No. PBS will not die, +Steven Bowser. The reason it is government funded and the reason it is quality is the same reason the BBC is quality programming in the UK; because when it is not free-market funded it is not flooded by advertisements and does not degrade to the level of "Honey Boo Boo." If there's a reason the NBC Olympics coverage was horrible and the BBC Olympics coverage was excellent, you can point to the difference in funding for the two; NBC Olympics was unable to even supply correct maps for the two countries, confusing Australia with Austria, not knowing who Tim Berners-Lee was; the BBC covered them excellently, comprehensively, and well. 

There's a clear choice here between two candidates, one of whom supports education and the other who clearly does not. I hope you vote for the one who does. The free market cannot rule some areas of life like education because immense amounts of money are linked to corruption; we do not do what is best for the common good when individuals themselves hold the vast majority of power. Cutting PBS is also just a symbolic cut, as Neil deGrasse Tyson points out. PBS is literally .012 of the Federal Budget. Cutting it solves nothing. It's like deleting text files from your 500 Gig hard drive. Unless you have issues with basic math (as I suspect Romney does) you cannot solve a deficit this way. Unless you severely inflated the PBS budget before you cut it. 

Fred Rodgers spoke eloquently in this speech about the importance of treating all with the respect and dignity that should be afforded to each individual. I will close comments now and let his remarks speak as they should. Preserve public television and education for generations to come, or we as a society will suffer much as a whole as a result.